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Botox – The New Crack Of America

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Another week!

Another botox appointment!


That is exactly the New Yorkers & LA-ites living their life.

Over the last decade, there has been a dramatic surge in cosmetic procedures and botox, and whether you believe it or not, the internet is to be blamed for that.

There was a time when people used to see younger older models in magazines and automatically believed that their skin looked like that without another single question.

However, now all that is either filtered in post-production or man-made filtered has been placed on their face.

That man made a filter called botox.

Now, before we start this article, let us clear out one thing.

This article is not about shaming people who get botox!

We have no problem with people getting botox. We just want to declare that healthy balance.

This is when we see people getting botox left and right without thinking about how it is affecting their face.

Thus, we will be talking about a very serious thing called botox addiction which is capturing America like any other drug now.

What Is Botox?

Botulinum toxin is a long-form of botox. It is a neurotoxic protein that is produced by the bacteria called Clostridium botulinum and the related species.

In simple terms, it is known for removing some of the aging effects on the skin or filling your skin in some hollow areas.

It prevents the neurotransmitters of a particular place from functioning there for a few days, hence allowing the skin to stay tight until the effect fades.

What Is Botox Addiction?

Botox addiction is when someone is suffering from a beauty addiction, and they are obsessed with looking a certain way, and they try to change the entire geography of their face with the help of botox.

To the point that they start looking artificial. Their face doesn’t resemble a normal human face anymore.

This is when the healthy line is crossed.

The worst is when they are not even listening to the doctor’s warning, someone who would essentially make money if someone gets more botox.


One should get help from the high quality Austin group therapy.

Why Do People Get Addicted To Botox

Here are some of the common reasons why people get addicted to botox.

1. Constant Social Media

The constant social media is subjecting you to a lot of unattainable beauty standards. Now, anyone sane would understand that most of these models and beauty gurus have filters and cosmetic procedures.

However, when someone is made to believe that botox can make someone look like that, then they will totally want to achieve that beauty standard.

2. Body Dysmorphia

Body dysmorphia is a serious mental health issue that one can deal with, and this can also cause some skin issues.

This can lead to problems in the skin, where one is constantly trying to get some flaws out.

Thus, now they get addicted to botox.

3. The Lifestyle

If they are trying to follow a certain lifestyle that calls for unattainable beauty standards, then they are somehow forced to make these cosmetic procedure arrangements.

The city that you stay in or the work that you pursue could be responsible for it.

4. Peer Pressure

Yes, peer pressure is also an important reason for which one can fall into the clutches of botox addiction.

Constant comparison of beauty in a group of friends is never healthy.


Now, if one is seeing their friends being bombarded with loads of compliments because of this, they might start getting botox purely out of envy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Botox is definitely not a new subject, and people have been getting them for a long time. Then why are they gaining so much popularity now, and why is everyone obsessed with them now.

These are some of the common questions which are still asked about this addiction, and we are answering a few.

1. Why Is Botox Addiction Suddenly A Thing Now?

Ans. This is because now we can see that not only celebrities or supermodels get them, but also the normal folks who would have probably never cared about getting cosmetic procedures in order to get their wrinkles dissolved.

The reason is social media, as we have discussed above.

Before, even if some model got a facelift, we would sulk about their pretty face once or twice and then flip the pages of the magazine.

Now, with every Instagram refresh, you see someone who looks like that.


For someone suffering from mental health issues because of the way they look, there is no escape other than getting some cosmetic procedure.

2. Do Celebrities Lie About Getting Botox?

Ans. We will say it again!

There is nothing wrong with getting a little botox here and there when you are aging, and you do not want all the worse parts to show.

However, it is not okay when it starts giving people unrealistic beauty standards.

That is when you have to draw the line and sometimes are to be blamed for these unrealistic beauty standards. Because they blatantly lie about getting borax or any other cosmetic procedure.

People start believing their beauty to be natural and eventually start taking out flaws in themselves.

3. Is Getting Botox Bad?

Ans. As the momager, Kris Jenner Says herself, ‘If you are responsible and know how to talk to the doctors it can be helpful.’

If you wish to get botox, always ensure that you are getting the right kind and going to the right doctor.

Plus, be responsible and try to understand when you are going overboard.

A Healthy Boundary!

A small amount of botox might not be crossing boundaries.

However, when you find yourself taking frequent appointments and running to the doctor whenever you find even a little flaw on your face.


You certainly have a problem that you need to combat.

Open your eyes!

See it!


Take the right amount of help.

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