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5 Exercises For Pain In The Lower Back

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Low back pain affects both young people and adults, whether they do sedentary work or not. Therefore, it is important to avoid and reduce discomfort as they arise.

Low back pain can appear for various reasons. Some of the main triggers include spending a lot of time in the same position, for example, in front of the computer, or doing some effort that we are not used to.

The good news is that several exercises can help relieve pain in this area of the back that is so affected by daily habits. We are going to describe some of them below.

What To Know About Low Back Pain

It is very important to know that low back pain occurs in the lumbar or lumbar area and involves muscle stiffness – contractures – and, of course, characteristic pain when we want to move in a certain way.

As stated, this condition can affect people of any age, whether they perform sedentary jobs or tasks that require a lot of physical effort. Its prevention and treatment are often possible with simple exercises.

The Best Exercises For Lower Back Pain

Once you notice low back pain, you can’t just sit back and wait for it to “go away on its own,” which will only make the problem worse. Therefore, you will feel more and more pain and unable to do any activity.

Therefore, it is good to have a series of exercises to help you every time your back pain attacks you. You can also do them as a preventive measure to avoid more severe pain in the future.

The technique to perform these exercises is important so that the pain does not get worse. It is also highly recommended to consult a doctor if the discomfort is unbearable.

Back Twist

Back Twist

For this exercise, you will lie on your back on your best thick exercise mat. Bend your legs and bring your heels as close to your hips as possible. Place your hands under your head as if you were doing squats.

Cross your right leg over your left and try turning your right knee to the left. Thus, the back will be twisted and stretched well. Then repeat for the other side.

Pelvic Lift

Some people call this exercise a “bridge” because of the position of the body. You can use a fit ball, pillow, or whatever you have on hand for support.

First, lie on your back on the floor with your arms at your sides. Bend your knees and support your feet.

Next, raise your pelvis so that your lower back is lifted off the floor. Remember to keep your shoulder blades, shoulders, and head supported. Hold the posture for as long as possible.

Leg To Chest

In this case, it will stretch on its side; that is, the work will be done first from the right and then from the left. This is one of the most effective and relaxing exercises for low back pain.

Start on your back on a carpet or the floor; bend your knees and support your feet. Then bring your right knee to your chest and grab it with both hands.

Push so that it touches your chest, or comes as close as possible, with light bounces. Hold for a minute and repeat with your left leg. Then you can do the same by bringing both legs together towards your chest.

Lumbar Stretch

In this case, the exercise is performed face down on a mat or the floor. Legs extended arms at the sides of the body.

All you have to do is get off the ground simultaneously with your legs, arms, and face. Look constantly at the ground and make slow movements.

Child’s Posture

This last exercise is widely used in yoga and can help you fully stretch your back and reduce low back pain. To do this, sit on your heels with your legs bent back.

From this position, take a deep breath, raise your arms above your head, and slowly lower your torso until your palms touch the ground and your forehead as best you can.

You can slightly extend your legs and let your glutes rest between your heels to go even lower. If this stretch is difficult for you, you can place a pillow under your belly.

Is A Reason For Medical Consultation

If you have low back pain, specific exercises are not recommended. For example, doing sit-ups or gym workouts such as deadlifts is not recommended.

As we noted above, do not hesitate to consult a doctor if the discomfort is acute or persists over time. Early diagnosis is essential for the treatment of this limiting condition.


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