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Green Or Ripe Banana? The Different Effects Of This Fruit

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Banana is an excellent source of energy due to its high carbohydrate content. One of its main and most famous components is potassium, but we must not forget its vitamin role. Vitamin C participates in the growth and repair of tissues and promotes the absorption of iron, which is important for women of childbearing age. Plus, its high folate content makes it ideal for women preparing for a future pregnancy.

The contribution of vitamin B6 from banana helps us synthesize hemoglobin, important for the transport of oxygen to our muscles and contributes to the production of antibodies necessary to fight diseases.

Its contribution to soluble fiber such as inulin favors intestinal evacuation and reduces the risk of osteoporosis, obesity, or cancer.

Likewise, the banana plays an important role in children’s nutrition since being one of the fruits that children enjoy the most in the house is usually accept.

Banana Is Said To Be Good For Cramps

Banana for cramps

Potassium is a vitamin associate with muscle contraction. This mineral significantly depletes by sweat during exercise and must replenish after physical activity to avoid muscle cramps.

“Although the banana considers the fruit with the highest potassium content, the kiwi is on its heels and is outnumbered by both black currants and dates, with dates being the fruit that offers the most potassium,” comparing 100 grams of both fruit “.

Constipation, Diet, And Diabetes

Ripe bananas are not digestible. On the contrary, if we take them immature or green, they can cause indigestion, regardless of the time they consume.

When eating bananas, we must bear in mind that excessive consumption can cause constipation. So if you suffer from this digestive problem, we must reduce your consumption.

Is banana good for people with diabetes? Is it better if it is not ripe? To answer this question, the dietitian believes that we must first explain what the glycemic index (GI) is: “It is a measure of how quickly a food can raise blood sugar levels. This is an important concept if we have diabetes, because either our body does not produce insulin. Which “eliminates” sugar from the blood, and we must inject it from the outside, or it does not produce enough and. Therefore, we must give drugs that “help to synthesize it. “

Tips To Prevent Bananas From Spoiling Too Quickly

Ripe Banana

If we are looking for bananas that do not ripen quickly – remember that it is a climacteric fruit (it continues to ripen after harvest). We must place them in the refrigerator separately from other climacteric fruits (tomato, kiwi, apple). At temperatures of 4 to 5 ° C, they turn black; To avoid this, we can put them in a canning bag or wrap them with paper or kitchen cloth.

Origin Of The Banana And Its Types

Bananas are native to Southeast Asia. From there, traveled to Africa and then to the Canary Islands in the 15th century. And from there, the Spanish took him to America.

There is a wide variety of bananas: Valerie, Dominico, Lacatan, Poio, Gran Enana, Pequeno Enana, Morado, Tabasco, Manzano, Cavendish. In the Canary Islands, most of its products with the Small Enana and Briel varieties, and to a lesser extent

Difference Between Plantain And Banana

Although both fruits come from the same family (Musaceae). We can say that the banana has a sweeter taste because it contains less starch and more sugar than the banana. Although the content of fiber, protein, and vitamin C is the same. The banana has more minerals, more phosphorus, and potassium, but less calcium and magnesium.

“Because it assures us that its nutritional value is better. In the case of Spain, the Canarian banana is the best option because it harvests when it reaches its optimum point of maturity and is grown on volcanic soils. Which largely determine the composition of the fruit ”.

On the other hand. “The Canarian banana is under controlled and certified production that regulates the use of pesticides and their short-term transportation to the offensive territory. Which positively affects the quality and shelf life of this fruit.”


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