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Pineapple Its Properties And How To Choose The Richest

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We all know pineapple sliced pizza, but what other dishes can it be added to? “Pineapple is one of the favorite fruits in the kitchen because it is versatile and can be used to prepare many dishes. It can be eaten raw, fried, added to baked goods, or as a smoothie. An example of a dish is the pork tenderloin with pineapple: it is meat in a different way, which gives it a sweet taste, different from the usual one ”.

Pineapple is distinguished by its content of potassium, iodine, and vitamin C. “Potassium is a mineral necessary for the formation and transmission of nerve impulses, as well as for normal muscle activity, it interferes with the water balance inside and outside the cell. Iodine is essential for the suitable functioning of the thyroid gland, which regulates metabolism, among many other functions. Vitamin C is involved in the formation of collagen, bones, and teeth, red blood cells and promotes the absorption of iron from food and resistance to infection. This vitamin also has antioxidant effects. Likewise, the fiber in pineapple improves intestinal transit and is beneficial for multiple changes and diseases ”.

Benefits Of Pineapple For Health

Benefits Of Pineapple For Health

“Pineapple contains an enzyme, bromelain, which is similar to digestive enzymes and aids in the digestion of proteins, making it an ideal dessert to aid digestion or as an ingredient in salads to prepare the stomach”.

“Due to its vitamin C content, it is especially recommended for those who have a greater risk of vitamin C deficiency: people who do not tolerate citrus fruits, peppers, or other vegetables, which are almost the exclusive source of vitamin C in the body. our diet, or for people whose nutritional needs increase (periods of growth, pregnancy, and lactation). Likewise, tobacco, alcohol abuse, certain medications, stress, and decreased defenses, intense physical activity, cancer and digestive disorders caused by chronic inflammatory diseases reduce consumption and cause poor absorption of nutrients ”.

Can The Heart Or Trunk Be Eaten? Why Does Your Tongue Itch?

“The pulp of the pineapple is eaten more frequently, discarding the leaves, the peel, and the heart; however, you don’t need to spend that much. The heart of the pineapple is not a waste, but it can be eaten. In fact, it also contains nutrients (about the same as fruits), although it is mostly high in fiber, which can have a mild laxative effect as a result. But it has a drawback: it burns the tongue, which is the main reason why people throw away the center”.

Tongue discomfort is caused by bromelain, an enzyme that can digest proteins; Although it is present in all pineapple, it is concentrated in the heart. It is the properties of this enzyme that irritate the tongue. When they come into contact with the inside of the mouth, they begin to break down proteins, causing inflammation.

Tricks To Choose The Best Pineapple

To select a pineapple that is at its optimal ripening stage, the first thing to consider is color. The pineapple should look fresh, without any bumps or blemishes on the skin. The color of the peel should tend to yellow or gold since if it is very green it indicates immaturity of the fruit. The upper leaves should be fresh and green; The contaminated condition may indicate that the pineapple is older than we intended when we purchased it.

Pineapple should be heavy, as fresh pineapple contains a lot of water. The loss of water and therefore weight will mean that the optimal moment for its consumption has passed.

The smell is another great sign that you can recognize a ripe pineapple. We need to smell the sweet sweet aroma of pineapple. If it doesn’t smell like anything, it’s green, and if it smells like fermentation, it’s not there.

How To Peel And Cut The Pineapple

Peel And Cut The Pineapple

“It is important to choose the best pineapple when we go shopping, putting into practice the previous advice so that we can peel it more easily,”.

  • Prepare a cutting board to peel the fruit with a well-cut knife. Then he holds the base of the fruit with one hand and cuts the stem of the leaves with the other.
  • Now take the pineapple by the cut part and cuts the base. Do not cut too thick a piece, otherwise, you will lose some of the fruit. You can use a toothed knife or not, depending on the size of the pineapple. Keep in mind that the more, the more efficient the saw.
  • After cutting both ends of the pineapple, lift it up. Now, to peel the fruit, you need to cut the peel into strips from top to bottom. You can cut them more or less thick, this will depend on the thickness of the shell.
  • To cut the strips, hold the flat top of the pineapple with your fingers to avoid cutting. It is very main not to put your hand in front of the knife. You already have a peeled pineapple!

Conservation Tips

What is the best way to store pineapple at home? “It is a very fragile fruit and sensitive to sudden changes in temperature. It can be kept for several days in a cool and dry place, but never in the refrigerator because it deteriorates at temperatures below 7ºC ”, advises a nutritionist.

Peeled and sliced pineapple can be stored in the refrigerator, covered with plastic wrap, but can be eaten as soon as possible. From the optimum point of ripeness, it begins to lose its juiciness very quickly.


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