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7 Tips To Remove Makeup Well In A Short Time

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Although it may be lazy, removing makeup at night is essential to avoid skin problems and that the skin can breathe and regenerate during the rest period.

One of the basic rituals of any cosmetic procedure is to remove your makeup every night before going to bed. It is very important not to harm the health of our skin. In addition, it can affect the deterioration of the skin and the appearance of premature signs of ageing in the long term.

Fortunately, there are easy steps to complete this task in seconds. Here we want to give you 7 good tips to learn how to remove your makeup well every night.

7 Tricks To Learn How To Remove Makeup Well In A Short Time

Rinse With Cold Water And Mild Soap

Rinse With Cold Water And Mild Soa

A quick wash with cold water and mild soap can be the key to removing impurities that cling to the skin after a long day or first thing in the morning.

Use Makeup Remover Wipes

Cleaning wipes are a good alternative to learn how to clean your skin well. Besides, research confirms that they help remove excess sebum that accumulates in the pores. Therefore, here we leave you the recipe for homemade napkins.


  • Cotton pads (whichever is preferred).
  • Neutral liquid soap (10 ml).
  • Purified water (250 ml).
  • 1 glass jar.

How to do them?

  • First, combine a tablespoon of liquid soap with the water and pour the mixture into the glass jar.
  • Then insert the cotton pads, make sure to moisten them well, and use them to remove makeup.

Vaseline For The Eyes

Another idea for good makeup removal is to smear a little Vaseline on the index finger and rub it in both eyes, being careful not to get inside. Also, this method will hydrate and grow your lashes naturally.

Almond oil

According to experts, almond oil is a natural source of vitamin E and essential fatty acids, which have a number of benefits for the skin. Likewise, it is enough to apply a few drops in the areas we want to remove makeup and remove it with a soft cloth.

Remove Make-Up From Lips

Remove Make-Up From Lips

Even if the lipstick or balm is no longer visible, it is essential to clean your lips when removing makeup. Although a significant part of the product has fallen off during the day, they generally leave less visible marks. To do this, dab a little oil or cleansing cream on a cotton pad and gently wipe it inward from the corner.

Use Coconut Oil

When it comes to facial care, coconut oil is considered a versatile product because, in addition to removing cosmetics, it can hydrate and protect against wrinkles. It can be smeared in the eye area and the driest areas of the face. Rub it in with gentle massages and make sure it absorbs well.

Use Hydrating Toner

Use Hydrating Toner

After removing makeup from your face, it is convenient to use a hydrating facial toner to close the pores and refresh your skin. Besides, this product prepares the face for relaxation and can reduce the risk of acne and blackheads.

Did you like these tips? As you just noticed, removing makeup doesn’t have to be a long and tedious task. Take a few minutes each night and see the positive effects on your skin.


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