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Nail Salon Dangers: How to Ensure a Safe and Healthy Manicure

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Whether you make mani/pedis a biweekly part of your routine or you save it for a special occasion, going to the nail salon should be a relaxing and safe experience. However, unsanitary tools, lack of training, and a variety of health hazards can quickly turn your day of pampering into a nightmare. To fully protect yourself and ensure your next salon visit is safe and healthy. There are a few things you can do. Continue reading below to learn about potential salon dangers and all the best tips to avoid them.

Check the Salon is Licensed

Probably one of the first things you should look for in a salon is proper licensing. Cosmetology licenses require salons to abide by certain state laws and also ensure that the nail techs have received the proper training to handle toxic chemicals and manage nail or skin infections. While of course, you go to the salon for a beautifully done manicure, it’s also important your nail tech is trained when it comes to potential health hazards.

Tell Your Nail Tech About any Allergies 

Allergic reactions are never fun and can even be dangerous at times. To prevent any potential adverse reactions, it’s important to inform your nail tech if you have any known allergies. You don’t necessarily know what’s lurking in those products but a well-trained nail tech will.

Skip the Salon if You Have Any Open Wounds

If you have any open wounds, cuts, or sores, it’s probably best to play it safe and skip your nail appointment until you fully heal. An open wound exposes you to all kinds of bacteria. It greatly increases your chances of contracting a nasty infection or disease.

Observe Cleanliness and Hygiene

According to state laws and regulations, salons should be following certain hygiene requirements, but unfortunately, that’s not always the case. When visiting a nail salon, it’s super important to be observant of the cleanliness and the way they handle their tools. The salon itself, and your nail tech’s workstation should be clean and tidy, with pedicure bowls sanitized with cleaner.

Tools should come out of sanitized packaging or sanitizing solutions and single-use tools should be thrown away after each use. Don’t hesitate to ask about their sanitization methods; a good salon will be proud of their systems. Ensure your nail tech is taking any single-use tools from an unopened package before she uses it on you. This can greatly prevent the chances of you contracting infection and disease from previous clients. To be extra safe, you may even want to consider investing in your own tools and bringing them with you when visiting the salon.

Use High-Quality Products 

Cheap nail products often contain toxic chemicals that can damage your nails, irritate the skin, and may also have other harmful effects with long-term use. Ask your nail tech for high-quality products like SNS, which don’t contain any toxic ingredients and are gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. The bases and sealers used in this product line also contain healthy ingredients. It nourishes the nail bed making your nails healthier with every application.

Protect Yourself from UV Lamps

If you regularly get gel manicures that require the use of UV lamps to cure the gel, you’re exposing yourself to harmful UV rays. You can apply sunscreen to your hands or wear fingerless gloves while the lamp is in use. Alternatively, ask your salon if they use UV/LED hybrid lamps. This gentle alternative minimizes your exposure to UV lights, reducing your risk of UV damage.

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