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How Do Kybella Treatments Work?

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If you have unwanted fats around the jawline or a double chin, chances are you have done many treatments to eliminate them. Sad to say, submental fat is associated with genetics. So, being thin doesn’t really exempt you from having excess fat around the jawline area. Exercise and diet can help. However, most people require medical intervention to eliminate this issue. That is where Kybella, a Food and Drug Administration-approved treatment, comes in. Read on to know more about what it is and how it works.

What is Kybella Treatment?

It is a non-surgical injectable procedure that targets submental fat around your jawline and under your skin. The process utilizes a sequence of deoxycholic acid injections aimed at fat cells within the area. No incision and general anesthesia are needed, and it has minimal downtime.

How does it Work?

Deoxycholic is used in this non-surgical procedure to break intractable submental fats. Once injected, the natural compound eats its way through fat cells to break them down. When broken down, your system will flush the damaged fat cells, leading to perceptible fat loss from your neckline.

Who Can Undergo Kybella Treatment?

Submental fat or fat cells under your skin and around your jawline is hard to eliminate, even if you are athletic or fit. In the past, the only solution available was liposuction. But, due to the progress of Kybella, it is now possible to eliminate fats quickly. The treatment provides an efficient solution that is non-invasive and non-surgical.  You can undergo Kybella treatment in Dallas, TX if you have visible fat cells on the upper part of your neck, have elastic skin that needs tightening and smoothing after the fat is eliminated by Kybella, or prefer non-surgical and non-invasive treatment. However, a neck and face lift procedure might be the best choice for those with loose neck skin and a double chin.

Kybella Procedure

The same with dermal fillers, the treatment session is straightforward and fast. The area that needs treatment is tenderly cleansed, and your service provider will use a local anesthetic to reduce discomfort. Then, the injection areas are marked to make sure equal distribution of Kybella. Some patients need multiple injections about a centimeter apart from the location to be treated. The best part is that the entire process only takes less than an hour.

Kybella Injection: Recovery and Results

When the treatment is done, you can return to your regular routine immediately. There might be some noticeable signs of injections, but the most common are bruising, minor redness, and swelling. You need to undergo at least four sessions to get the best outcome. Typically, these sessions are scheduled one month apart. It depends on your skin’s resiliency and the intractable nature of the area that needs treatment. Six sessions might be required to obtain optimal results. The service provider will devise a plan based on your cosmetic goals and skin conditions. An effect is noticeable in just 14 days after the initial treatment session.


If you’re frustrated by looking at your double chin in photos, Kybella is the best and most reliable solution. For more information about Kybella, consult with a licensed dermatologist professional to know the ins and outs of this procedure.

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