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If you are medical professionals and considering for additional revenue streams then you have come to the right place. In recent years, non surgical cosmetic treatments such as botox and filler have really taken off. Infact this industry only continues to grow due to the constantly rising demand for such treatments. This makes it an excellent opportunity to utilise as an additional revenue stream.

How can botox and filler become an additional revenue stream?

Botox and filler is an excellent industry to enter, particularly if you have a medical background. It offers you the opportunity to generate an additional revenue stream or even change career paths if that is something you are considering. All you need to do to get ongoing is identify a suitable training course, book onto it, complete your training and you are good to go.

Where can I complete botox and filler training?

In an ever growing industry, there are a lot of different training courses available to choose from. We recommend booking in with a reputable course provider such as Dr Hennessy Academy who specialise in training medical professionals in aesthetics.

As a beginner in aesthetics, it is normal to feel a little apprehensive but with Dr Hennessy Academy you can train in confidence. The course will start with in depth theory where you will be taken through the science, the products and contraindications in detail and this knowledge will give you the confidence to put your theory into practice on live models under the close supervision of Dr Hennessy himself.

How do I build up a client base?

In order to successfully create an additional revenue stream, it is important you invest time and effort into building up a client base, afterall, without any clients, you won’t be making any money. So, to get clients, you first need to build awareness of your brand and services. There are a numeral of key steps involved in this such as:

  • Creating a customer and search engine friendly website
  • Creating a solid brand across social media platforms
  • Regularly upload content to your website and social media platforms
  • Advertise using paid ads on social media and Google

What is the average income for an aesthetic nurse?

Although income is completely dependent on the individual and their circumstances such as; their client base, their location, experience, price of treatments, how many hours they work, salon rent and so on the average income for a qualified full time aesthetic nurse ranges between £25-35K..

How much does it cost to train to be an aesthetic nurse?

Another thing you need to cogitate is the cost of becoming a qualified aesthetic nurse. Prices for a foundation combined botox and dermal filler course and even an advanced aesthetics training course starts at £795 with Dr Hennessy Academy. Each course price will be different based on the level of training, the level of the trainer and the location.

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