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5 Reasons to Switch to a Bubbler

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A bubbler pipe is a smaller version of a bong. The main difference between the two devices is that a bubbler pipe has an extra chamber called a percolator that filters and aerates the smoke before it gets to your lungs. This makes the smoke smoother, more relaxed, and easier to use than a regular old bong.

If you have never smoked from a water bubbler pipe, you might be wondering how different it is from smoking from a hand pipe or even a joint. The most obvious difference is that you inhale filtered smoke through the water instead of breathing in the smoke straight from the burning herbs.

Here are some reasons to switch to a bubbler and make the most out of these devices.

What is a Water Bubbler Pipe?

A water pipe is used to smoke marijuana, tobacco, or other herbs, and it can also be called a bong or hookah. A water pipe contains two glass chambers, one above another, and the smoke passes through water before being inhaled by the smoker.

This causes nicotine, THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, and other chemicals to be filtered out of the smoke before reaching its destination in your lungs as they require special tools such as filters, screens, and pieces or bowls. Bongs do not have all this.

What are the Features of a Bubbler?

  • Get Bigger Hits with Fewer Puffs

Getting more immense joys with fewer puffs is one of many advantages of switching smoking methods, such as joints or bongs with e-nails. The dabs are more efficient; you need to take fewer dabs to achieve your desired high. This way, you will also save money because you will consume fewer herbs.

  • Take Smoother Hits

Smoking cannabis produces one major drawback: the irritation of the throat caused by hot smoke entering directly into the lungs. However, smoking via a water bubbler pipe is one of the easiest ways for you to get smoother hits. By using water, you cool down your smoke before it is inhaled. Even filtered through a small amount of water, your smoke won’t be as hot as a joint or hand-rolled cigarette filled with tobacco or cannabis flower.

  • Bubblers Filter Harmful Carcinogens

Most water pipes are made from acrylic, which is cheap and makes them prone to cracking. Eventually, these cracks will allow carcinogens like arsenic and benzene to seep into your water, found in most tobacco products.

You can eliminate such harmful chemicals by switching over to the glass, and its transparency makes it easy for you to see what is going on inside your water pipe and lets you know when you need to clean or replace its parts. Bubblers also have percolators, devices that diffuse smoke by breaking it up into numerous bubbles, which further purify your smoke before inhaling it.

  • Bubblers Are Portable

Aside from hand pipes, bubblers are one of the most portable water pipes. Bubblers do not take up much space and weigh less than other bongs, so you can take them with you when you travel or bring them with your camping gear for an overnight trip.

  • Bubblers are More Economical

A bubbler is a two-in-one device – it acts as both a bong and a pipe, cutting down on the amount of equipment needed to get high. This can save you a lot of money in the long run as you do not have to purchase as many separate pieces, resulting in less money spent at your local headshop or online. 

How To Effectively Use Water Bubbler Pipes?

  • Use filtered water to fill your bubbler so that the water level is just below the point where the base of the stem meets. Do not overfill your bubbler because this will lessen your experience.
  • Place your freshly ground cannabis in the bowl of your pipe and be sure to choose a strain you like; the taste is a treat not to be missed.
  • If a bubbler has a carb hole, cover the hole with your thumb and hold the piece.
  • If you plan on smoking a bubbler, make sure your bubbler has an open-top. Light some ground cannabis in a bowl, ensuring enough cannabis for a long, stable stream of smoke.
  • Place your mouth over the opening of the bubbler. Once the cannabis has been lighted and you have allowed it to burn for a few seconds, remove your thumb from the carb and inhale.
  • Hold your thumb over the carb (the tiny hole) as you inhale to create a more significant hit. If you are not accustomed to smoking through a bong or bubbler, start by taking only small hits until you become accustomed to the higher intake of smoke.

A water bubbler pipe is more convenient to take on the go and eliminates some of these carcinogens through its water filtration system. Bubblers provide health benefits because you can use them on any day instead of saving them for special occasions or gatherings. You may be surprised at just how valuable a solid glass piece could be in your everyday life.

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