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Vaping and Smoking: Is There a Difference?

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There are two ways to inhale marijuana: vaping and smoking. Both methods provoke a debate in the cannabis industry, arguing that its preferred form is the healthiest and most beneficial.

Vaping is the modern alternative to smoking and has become all the rage in recent years. This technique involves heating the dried herb in a vaporizer or electronic cigarette to specific temperatures below the bulb. In this device, a stream of vapour is generated, which is inhaled through the mouthpiece. If you are looking for substitutes for vape and e-cigarettes, check these tobacco free pouches.

Which technique is better? Are vaping and smoking comparable methods? Are some of them healthy? While many experienced cannabis smokers seem to choose to vape, the choice is more complex because it is subjective. Vaping and smoking are very different options, so it all depends on the experience you want to have. If you live in DC and want to try vaping, look for a reputable weed delivery service in your area. This ensures that you will get high-quality products without leaving your house. This article will talk about the differences between the two techniques and explain their advantages and disadvantages.

Is Vaping Weed Healthier than Smoking?

Vaping and smoking

Smoking, either marijuana or some other substance, produces tar and other harmful substances. And it all depends on the burn. Although not several studies have been done yet, vaping nicotine is generally considered to be at least 95% safer than smoking cigarettes.

So it’s not hard to make the same assumption when it comes to vaping weeds. Knowing this, it’s no wonder that vaping is the most recommended method of administering medical marijuana.

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However, there are certain concerns about vaporizers. The cheapest are usually made in China, where health is not a priority but an economic gain. Some users have complained that specific devices contain potentially harmful heavy metals or adhesives that can cause them to inhale when heated.

Therefore, as we said above, it is difficult to quickly answer whether vaping and smokings are comparable methods or one healthier than the other.

Advantages of vaping

Vaping is about heating weeds without burning them. The heat releases energetic ingredients in the form of steam. Meanwhile, there is no burning, and there is no smoke.

The main reason users prefer smoking to smoke is for health reasons, but there are other benefits. Vaping allows you to try different varieties and control the temperature. This option is generally more convenient and discreet.

More intense flavour: Because the vaping process does not create any combustion, it allows for a cleaner, smoother, and more refined taste. It is almost 100% free of any residue that arises from smoking. With vaping, it is possible to test different strains with different cannabinoid and terpene profiles.

Temperature control: You cannot adjust the temperature of a cigarette because its contents are supposed to be burning. However, almost all vaporizers have a temperature setting to regulate the intensity of the vapour. At a low temperature, you can inhale a smoother and more flavorful vapour. A high temperature creates a thicker and more intense vapour.

Discreet and practical: Smoking a cigarette (or joint) can attract unwanted attention. However, vaping does not create as much of an odour, and the vapour is not as apparent as smoke. Electronic cigarettes are also available in all shapes and sizes. Many are so small they fit in the palm of your hand, and people don’t even know you are wearing them.

Recycle the vaporized herb: When you smoke a cigarette, you do. However, once you are done vaping, there are other ways to repurpose vaped herbs. For example, they can be added to recipes or infusions made. Vaping marijuana allows you to extract cannabinoids from dried herbs slowly and efficiently. It is also common to run multiple sessions with a single package.

Vaping is cleaner: Let’s face it: smoking marijuana can create a little mess that needs to be cleaned up. Vaping, on the other hand, doesn’t pose this problem.

Disadvantages of vaping

Some vaping issues include learning how to use the device, making sure it’s always charged, and keeping it clean. Also, you have to invest in a vaping device and a grinder. So, economically, at first, vaping is more expensive than smoking.

You will likely have to mow the lawn: Most vaporizers will not work properly unless the herb is finely or moderately ground. That means you need another device to be able to vape comfortably. By chopping the herb well, you can extract all the terpenes and cannabinoids from the plant more efficiently.

Uncertainty about long-term health effects: While more and more studies are reporting that vaping doesn’t appear to have any long-term health effects, we can’t be 100% sure. Studies in this regard remain very limited.

It must be charged or plugged in: While you don’t need a lighter, you won’t be able to vape if your device isn’t set and you’re not near an outlet to plug it in. Generally, when a device is fully charged, several sessions are offered before the charge is depleted.

Battery safety issues: E-cigarettes don’t explode. However, one part of the device can malfunction the battery. It’s something we all have with batteries. In improper and careless use, the battery can explode and damage the device or even the user. Because of this, it is very significant to consider battery safety.

The price: A good vaporizer is not cheap. While some are cheap, they generally cost at least $ 100. Of course, in the long run, you could save money by using a more efficient method.

Advantages of Smoking

The main benefit of smoking instead of weeds is that smoking generally has stronger effects. Also, smoking doesn’t require such a significant initial investment. Smoking requires very little maintenance because it is easy to make a cigarette and carry it in your pocket.

No learning curve: Smoking is a simple process and does not require a lot of practice. Anyone can light a joint, and it’s easy to tell when a session ends. Vaping weeds is more complicated and requires some knowledge and experience.

More intense effects: Smoking produces a low and powerful impact more quickly. The extreme temperatures help to release all the cannabinoids responsible for this effect immediately.

Low maintenance: Although general maintenance is necessary. It generally does not require efforts like cleaning an e-cigarette.

No need to invest: Smoking generally does not require a large initial investment. It is much cheaper to buy paper than a steamer. This cost discourages many smokers from trying vaping.

Disadvantages of smoking

The main problem associated with smoking compared to vaping is the health risks. Additionally, smoking also leaves a much more pungent smell and is not as efficient as vaping.

It is not that efficient: Generally, smokers smoke a cigarette before the end of a vaping session. When vaping, the weeds heat up more slowly, allowing the full THC content to extract.

Health risks: We’ve talked about this extensively, but it’s important to emphasize that smoking is a greater health risk than vaping. When a plant burns, it produces carcinogens, tar, and other harmful substances.

Less control: Not much can do to controller the effects of tobacco. You can take shorter puffs, go for a lower THC variety, or roll your cigarette more or less forcefully, but that’s it. There is also no control over the temperature. Vaping and smoking are very different in this regard, as vaping allows for a lot more power from start to finish.

Less nuanced flavour: It’s much harder to tell the differences between the strains when you smoke marijuana. If you are an experienced smoker, maybe you are. Still, vaping allows you to inhale a much cleaner flavour profile. At the high temperatures reached when smoking, almost all the terpenes that give the plant its characteristic smell disappear.

A Strong smell of smoke: For most people, the odour of smoke is difficult to accept. Leaves an unpleasant odour on clothing, hair, and in the smoking area, especially in closed rooms. The great thing about steam is that it dissolves in the air ten times faster than smoke.

Final thoughts on vaping and smoking

Vaping is an increasingly popular option among marijuana users. This is mainly due to the health benefits it has on smoking. However, both inhalation techniques have their advantages and disadvantages. In general, the choice is based on a personal decision that is a matter of taste. Listen to your body and decide how you feel most. You need to understand what the experience suppose to be like to choose between vaping and smoking.


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