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What Is Scalp Micropigmentation For Grey Hair?

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Hair loss and grey hair are a constant fear for men, especially when they see it in older people. With receding hairline, bald spots, and grey hair, many men lose confidence in their looks.

If you think your hair is starting to go grey or that your hairline is receding by the day, you’re probably scouring the internet for solutions, and it’s probably why you’re here. Some will recommend shaving your head all the way or shaving the scalp, but it’s not the best and most aesthetic solution.

On the other hand, grey hair is a common sign of getting older, but it can also occur in younger people. You can try popular solutions like minoxidil, DHT shampoo, and biotin vitamins, but they are known for not working well and having serious side effects.

While you can always get a hair transplant surgery to solve these hair problems, it’s costly and requires many surgeries to perfect.

But, with scalp micro pigmentation (SMP), many men don’t need to worry much about how their hair looks when it finally goes white or bald spots grow more significant, as they can use SMP to make the illusion of a shaved scalp rather than having the awkwardness of walking around with a completely bald head.

To do this, SMP experts use micro-needles to imitate the appearance of hair follicles on a shaved scalp. Besides a shaved look, we can also do scar camouflage, improve hair density, and help with alopecia.

Now, if you want to solve your continuing problem with grey hair, bald spots, and receding hairline, learn more about CMP in this article.

Colour matching with scalp micropigmentation

SMP uses black pigment to make it look like the scalp is shaved instead of completely bald. However, you’re probably wondering how we can make it appear more realistic for those with grey hair by having black and grey stubble. We do it by using a grey monochromatic colour scale to dilute our pigment, so we can match what your hair colour is supposed to look like. If you want, we can use lighter tones if you prefer having grey hair. We can also dilute the colour by using distilled water.

SMP with Short Hair Color vs. Long Hair Color

When people talk about hair colour, they often don’t know the vital fact that hair length matters for the colour of your hair. With scalp micropigmentation, we need clients to cut their hair short.

For example, if you shave your head, the stubble will be grey. If you have light skin and light hair, the stubble will be a light to medium grey. If you have dark skin and hair, the hair will be darker, as well.

But, generally, most people that shave their head will have stubble with a colour within the black/grey monochromatic spectrum. When your hair is long, grey hair will be significantly noticeable. If you shave it, it will be darker, as the root hair is often always dark.

Scalp micropigmentation over time

As good as SMP is, it’s not permanent, but it does last a long time. If you have SMP treatment once your hair starts to become grey, it will last for a long period, going for up to 6 years. If your hair becomes greyer over time, we can also provide you with another SMP using a different shade to match your current hair colour.

It’s not always necessary, though, as SMP treatment comes with natural lightening that becomes age-appropriate over time, which means you can reduce the need to get another SMP touch-up. The only thing you have to do regularly is to shave your scalp to keep your hair follicles short so that the difference won’t be noticeable.

Furthermore, it’s not just for black and grey hair, as SMP can be used for other hair colours, such as brown, red, and blonde. When you get SMP for other hair colours, you can get a grey colour in your stubble, as the SMP procedure includes matching the ink to be used against the colour of your shaved follicles.

For those who want more grey hair, you can lengthen the period between treatments. For example, a normal SMP lasts for 5 to 6 years. You can increase the period between treatments for a year or two if you wish.

Hair going grey before SMP treatment

Greying is a slow, gradual process. If you get SMP treatment, your hair colour will be good again. However, over time, your hair will start to become grey again. Of course, if your hair starts to grey, but your follicles stay the same colour, it might look weird or unnatural.

The good thing about SMP treatment is that experts have considered this, which is why SMP pigments can adapt to your current hair colour. However, in cases where greying is significantly faster, we recommend going to the clinic to get another SMP treatment in advance.


SMP is not a tattoo on your scalp. It’s a medical procedure provided by medical professionals who can identify the correct colour considering relevant factors, such as hair and skin tone, and use medical equipment to perform SMP.

If you’re struggling with greying or bald spots, an SMP treatment is a long-term solution. At Luxe Micro, our SMP professionals can fix your troubles and bring your self-confidence back again. Whether you want a shaven look, scar camouflage, help with alopecia, or increase hair thickness, we are more than willing to help.

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