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Tips To Avoid Sleep Disorders In Teens

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During adolescence, certain habits and lifestyles can jeopardize your night’s rest. Consequently, they will not carry out their daily activities correctly, such as at school. A good night’s rest is essential for good physical and mental health. However, adolescents have more and more problems in this area. So in this article, we share some tips on how to avoid sleep disorders in teens.

In general, teens need at least 8 hours of sleep a day to feel good. Therefore, we need to know the various reasons and factors that make it difficult. Only then can the problem be solved.

Tips to Avoid Sleep Disorders in Teens

Prevent And Combat Overweight

The study found a link between teens who had a more challenging time falling asleep and their body mass index, which was higher than the rest. This confirms the seriousness of the problem of childhood and adolescent obesity.

At the same time, the same thing happens in the opposite direction. That is, sleep disturbances in adolescents affect their eating habits. This, if left untreated, exacerbates obesity.

In this sense, a balanced diet rich in vegetables, legumes, whole grains, lean meats, fish, and eggs is important. At a minimum, home-cooked meals should be based on these food groups and avoid flour, fried foods, and sugar.

However, physical activity is also important to maintain weight. Teenagers should exercise and avoid a sedentary lifestyle in their daily life.

Regulate The Use Of The Mobile

Another reason for the increase in sleep disorders in adolescents is new technologies. It is difficult for parents to control the number of hours they spend on their mobile phones, computer, television, or video games.

These devices expose teens to very unhealthy overstimulation. This directly affects the nervous system and changes the body’s natural biorhythms, which affect sleep.

However, this is a factor that affects not only teenagers but also parents. This is a measure worth discussing with the whole family. There should be a shared responsibility to regulate the use of these devices and avoid it for two hours before bedtime.


There may also be a link between poor smoking and poor sleep quality in young people. For the same reason, quitting tobacco can help you sleep better.

To overcome nicotine addiction, you need to approach it from different areas and gain understanding and patience from family members. Also, the adolescent may need some support to do this.

The Nightly Schedules Of The Parents

Finally, there is another factor that appears in studies related to sleep disorders in adolescents: for example, the parents’ night shift, when one of them works the night shift.

Therefore, it is important to sleep as much as possible in peace and quiet at home. If a teenager is already having a hard time falling asleep, it’s easy to wake him up to anything.

General Tips

    • Go to bed at the same time every night.
    • Eat a balanced diet and pay attention to what you eat at night.
    • Avoid excessive use of stimulant drinks (coffee, tea, cola, energy drinks).
    • Fight obesity.
    • Avoid a sedentary lifestyle or physical activity several times a week.
    • Avoid tobacco and alcohol.
    • Monitor your use of cell phones and technology in general, especially during the hours before bedtime.
    • Ensure you have stable clocks at home and avoid nighttime activities that could interrupt your family’s rest.
    • The bedroom should be in a quiet place, without light, and at a suitable temperature.
    • In some cases, sleep disturbances may also be associated with an excess of social or work tasks or activities.Now we have some tips to help teens fall asleep and get a good night’s sleep. Only then will they be able to fulfil and fulfil the duties of their time.


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