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Perfect Skin: 10 Commandments to Get It

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The saying goes: “You can’t ask for pears from the elm tree” or, in other words, it is not realistic to want perfect skin if you don’t pamper it daily. Change the chip, follow these 10 tips, and do your bit to show off a smooth and shiny face.


Remove your Make-Up Before going to Sleep

We know that it is lazy, but it is essential to remove the remains of make-up and dirt every night. A very simple method? Pass a cotton ball soaked in micellar water over the face – without rubbing. And if you have used waterproof mascara or eyeliner, do not forget to use a mild eye make-up remover not to leave any traces.

Wash your Face with Warm Water

Water that is too hot is not advisable. Ideally, you should wash your face with lukewarm water or, if you can, with an excellent cold jet to activate blood circulation and reduce puffiness in the area around the eyes.

Tone your Face

The facial cleansing you do daily should have one last step that you should not forget: the toner. Its application will make your face appear toned, smooth, fresh, and calm. A joy for your skin!

Hydrates the Skin Twice a Day (morning and night)

How many times a day do you apply moisturizer? Let’s hope you don’t tell us that only 1 should be 2! Do it in the morning and before bed with Revitalift’s Energizing Red Day Cream. Thanks to its formula with pro-retinol and red ginseng, it not only hydrates your skin but also brightens it, acts against wrinkles, provides extra firmness, and provides an anti-fatigue effect. Apply it with circular movements, doing a light massage, and you will look like the healthiest tone instantly.

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Do not Stay Alone in the Serum

It may be that when you apply the serum, you already feel that it is enough, but the reality is that the result is even better if you add its effect to that of your moisturizer. Combine both treatments — you know, serum first — and you’ll be one step closer to flawless skin.

Pay Attention to your Neck, the Great Forgotten

Why wear perfect skin only on your face? Whenever you extend your beauty therapy treatments, do so until you reach almost the clavicle, making upward movements to combat unsightly wrinkles on the neck.

Strengthens Hydration in a Timely Manner

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Do you sometimes notice that your skin asks for something more than your usual cream? Do you have an important event around the corner, and would you like to see yourself radiant? Well, the secret is to reinforce the care you give it every day. gita govindam cinema A practical and extremely comfortable way to do this is with Revitalift Filler’s hyaluronic acid ampoule pack. 7 doses in 7 days will help you increase hydration levels in key areas such as the forehead, cheeks, or the mouth’s contours. For a reason, it is the latest beauty discovery of celebrities like Marta Hazas!

Use the Eye Contour Daily

The skin around your eyes is much finer and more delicate than the rest of your face, which is why it needs special attention. To give them and keep a youthful look for longer, you must apply your eye contour every day. How? Giving soft but agile touches with the tips of your fingers so that the product is perfectly absorbed.

Protect it from the Sun

Using a cream with high sun protection after your moisturizer is crucial to avoid the appearance of possible spots. Do you already have any? So, complete your care routine with a peel that stimulates skin renewal.

Be Consistent and Exfoliate your Skin

To thoroughly cleanse your skin, you have two options: use a powerful exfoliator between 2 and 3 times a week or incorporate directly into your routine a product that smoothes, cleanses, and minimizes pores in a more gentle way, such as the exfoliating cleansing gel from the Clay range. Pure with red algae extract. Its texture does not dry out, and yes, it is suitable for daily use, so it will help you eliminate grease, dirt, and those blackheads every day. Remember to spread it with circular movements, insist on the T zone and rinse with plenty of warm water.


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