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How To Fresh And Store Beauty Products At Home

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To clean and store beauty products, it is important to have consumables such as alcohol or soap on hand. Read on as we explain the procedures.

Proper cleaning and storing of beauty products at home is a task that cannot be overstated and is not without consequences. We know that bacteria are tiny and that usually only visible dirt is removed.

This can instil vague confidence in you and lead to dangerous mistakes. Without forgetting that these products and the tools used in their application reach the skin’s points close to the mucous membranes. For example, mascara, eye shadow, or eyeliner that goes too close to the tear ducts can cause eye problems.

The careful use of these products and brushes or applicators and their storage, cleaning, and disinfection are important requirements to prevent the appearance of conditions. These risks are not usually directly related to cosmetic procedures, although the danger is latent.

How to Properly Store My Beauty Products?

Cosmetics are delicate and are intended for areas of the body that are windows to the body. For this reason, proper cleaning and storage of beauty products are essential.

The expiration date is visible on all products. If you notice anything unpleasant or unusual in texture, smell, or colour, do not use them. Do not forget that some contain water or vegetable essences and oils, natural elements that can damage heat or humidity.

Every time you open the jar or remove the cap from the cream, air enters. Close the containers tightly after dispensing or discontinuing the use of the product. After opening, its validity period begins to count.

Keep In The Fridge

Keep In The Fridge

It doesn’t seem practical, but it’s best to put your eye creams in the refrigerator. These are the ones that arise in the bags as a result of dryness. In this case, the cold raises the benefits of its purpose by narrowing the blood vessels and reducing swelling.

The refrigerator also lengthens the action time of some products that contain retinol, a derivative of vitamin A. Again, this temperature is suitable for liquid foundation, nail polish, and fruit masks.

So, you already know that the refrigerator will be your ally to extend these products’ lives. Even those that contain vitamin C.

Keep In A Cool Place, Out Of Direct Sunlight

Keep eyeliners and mascara cool. This is to avoid heat exposure of the pigments and bacterial growth used in a susceptible area.

Lipsticks, in particular, don’t tolerate heat well, as they tend to melt. Store preservative-free organic cosmetic products under these conditions. Should use in a relatively short period.

Sunscreen moisturizers, even if they are in an opaque container and designed to avoid direct exposure to UV rays, must be used carefully to get the cream from the bottle onto the face.

The perfume does not let in direct sunlight. Otherwise, it will change its composition. Heat and humidity also affect fragrances, altering their main ingredients.

Store In A Dry Place

Store powders in a cool place as they are affected by humidity. If you want to store them, it is best to remove them from the bathroom and keep them away from heat sources.

The same goes for sponges and brushes, commonly used tools, which must be kept clean and dry. And we recommend, as soon as you use them, dry in the sun or help with the dryer. Remember that bacteria grow in moisture.

Tips For Disinfecting Beauty Products

The first rule is that cosmetics are personal. They are too close to you, and using them together opens the possibility of transmitting or receiving diseases. Another tip is to disinfect them, if not after each use, at least once a week.

On the other hand, a faithful friend for disinfecting beauty products is 70 per cent rubbing alcohol and a spray can. Focus on brushes, sponges, brushes, brushes, and combs.

Ricardo Alcohol

You can disinfect the lipstick by spraying it with rubbing alcohol, and if it needs a deeper cleaning since you loaned it to another girl, use a putty knife to remove the coating.

You can also spray in narrow areas of the base or the edges of the creams. If you are not confident in cleaning dust, remove the surface layer, spray it with alcohol, then let it air dry for a few minutes.

You can usually spray alcohol on all of your products within 6 inches and let them dry for a few minutes. By the way, eyeliner pencils can only clean by sharpening them. But first, clean the pencil sharpener with isopropyl alcohol.

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With Water And Soap

It is usually enough to use soap and water to clean brushes and brushes with natural bristles. Apply the soap to the palm of your hand and brush in circular motions. Rinse with water and repeat the operation until the water is apparent.

With Water And Soap

To prevent water from damaging the tube, brush or brush onto toilet paper until completely dry. Sponges also absorb soap and water, allowing them to dry completely before using them again.

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Cleaning And Storing Beauty Products At Home To Protect Your Health

Convoy all these precautions when cleaning and storing beauty products with essential tips. Never place your fingers into the container or touch the product directly, no matter how clean you think your hands are.

Always use applicators, cotton, brushes, sponges. These are instruments that can germ-free. If you don’t have them yet, or the ones you are using are ancient, you will need to build a new kit.

No makeup, then store it in a case to use again and again without proper hygiene. Otherwise, acne can appear on your face.

Finally, remember also to keep the drawer or box in which you store food clean and sanitized. No matter how neat they are, if the container gets dirty, you will waste time and care.


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