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Should You Apply Concealer or Foundation First?

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Concealer or Foundation: Applying your concealer and foundation correctly is crucial to creating a flawless complexion by applying makeup. We are prone to believe there’s no correct method to apply makeup. However, there are specific ways to get a flawless look that is an ideal base for the makeup application routine. Find out all you must be aware of about the most effective ways to apply concealer and foundation and the ones you should apply first.

Apply concealer before or after applying foundation?

Apply your foundation before applying any other if you’re applying powder foundation. First, applying foundation creates an even foundation that reduces the overall appearance of redness, discoloration, and small blemishes. If you apply your concealer before applying foundation and then apply foundation, you could end up wiping it off after applying foundation or using more product than is necessary to create an unnatural, cakey appearance. For the first time, after you’ve applied your primer by applying a thin layer of foundation over your face, including the eyes. This will let you apply less concealer later. Once your foundation has settled, you can conceal additional areas (i.e., hyperpigmentation marks, acne marks, and the under-eye area) using concealer. Apply the setting powder to lock in the complexion makeup.

In the case of a foundation made of powder, you should apply the concealer directly to areas requiring more coverage first, then buff your foundation later. This will let you enhance the coverage of your foundation in the amount you like without appearing cakey.

Picking the appropriate kind of foundation

With the many foundations available on the market, It is essential to know the distinctions and the best formula for you.

Liquid Foundation: Liquid Foundation is the most commonly used kind of foundation. It is available in a variety of formulas and concoctions. If you suffer from dry or dry skin, choose a moisturizing foundation. If you have oily or normal-looking skin, we suggest an oil-free foundation.

Cream foundation: Cream foundations can be great for a smooth, comfortable fit. For the holy-grail-cover-all-needs foundation.

Powder Foundation: Powder foundation can be found in loose powder or pressed powder. They are excellent for absorbing oil or setting other foundations or concealers.

How do you properly apply foundation?

First, make sure the skin’s clean and well-hydrated. Apply a primer that helps prime, hydrate, firm, and smooth the skin to ensure a flawless foundation application. The foundation takes about 30 to 60 seconds to absorb and dry. Then, choose your foundation of choice and application. Brushes and mixing sponges work great. When it comes to powder-based foundations, apply the kabuki brush to get a full coverage or a sponge applicator to create moderate to full coverage. For cream foundations, fingers are the most effective.

Selecting the best kind of concealer

It is crucial to understand that there are a variety of concealers because, as you, concealers don’t come in just one size fits all. It is important to choose one that is appropriate for your skin concerns as well as your skin tone and. If you’re concealing a blemish or another location, match your concealer to the style of your skin or your current foundation. If you’re concealing dark purple under-eye lines or marks from acne, select one with an undertone that is warm to tone correct. If you intend to apply your concealer to lightly highlight the areas on your face, pick the shade that is a couple of shades lighter than the foundation you are using.

How to Apply Concealer Properly

Applying concealer, you can choose to apply it using either your fingers or an applicator. But, when applying concealer using your fingers, you should only apply it with the ring finger since it is the most gentle option for delicate areas of the eye. Brushes and other tools are perfect for precise application, particularly in covering blemishes or uneven spots. In the area of your eyes, apply concealers that are up to two shades less than the foundation in a triangular form (tip pointed downwards) to lighten and create a more “open” appearance. To cover up blemishes that are bothersome, apply concealer that is identical to the shade of your foundation over the center of the pimple. Blend it out.

Combining your foundation and concealer

When choosing the most suitable foundation and concealer combination for you, it’s recommended to choose the one you like the texture. Most matching formats can work well together, but different types can work depending on your personal preferences.

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