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What is the Difference Between a Nasal Mask and a Nasal Pillow Mask?

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Nasal and nasal pillow masks are medical equipment to keep the airway open for a patient facing breathing challenges. Although both the nasal and nasal pillow masks have similar functions, the mask type that suits a patient depends mainly on personal needs and preferences. When selecting the mask type, consider; your facial makeup and facial hair for men. Both the nasal mask and nasal pillow CPAP mask collections are available on the market; this article looks at some of their differences.

Differences in Terms of How They Function

The main difference between Nasal masks and nasal pillow masks is their shape and how they function. Nasal masks fit over the bridge of the nose down to the upper lip and feed indirect airflow to the nasal cavity from a horse linked to a CPAP machine that facilitates breathing cycles when you are asleep. They seal under the base or over the top of your nose and accommodate a higher air pressure.

Conversely, Nasal Pillows CPAP Mask have pillows that seal at the base of your nostril and are kept in place with an elastic strap that goes around the back of your head, making it the least invasive nasal mask.

Differences in Terms of User Needs

A physician may recommend nasal pillow masks to patients who toss and turn when asleep. Since these masks are smaller, patients who experience claustrophobia may prefer them.

They are also recommendable to men with a lot of facial hair. And provide more open vision than nasal masks; this is a significant consideration, especially for patients who love watching television or reading books. Nasal pillow masks reduce leakage since they direct air into the patient’s nose. On the other hand, nasal masks are effective for mouth breathers.

Cost of Maintenance and Price

Another factor that brings out a big difference between the two masks is their price which depends on the style, the manufacturer, or the healthcare provider. Although medical insurance covers the price of the two types the same, there is a big difference in their maintenance costs.

Nasal pillow masks create a seal around the nose or sit in the nostrils; you must replace it every 14 days. And such replacements raise the maintenance cost. The nasal pillow also loses its tightness With time and causes discomfort.

Contrary to nasal pillow masks, nasal masks don’t require much maintenance as they don’t wear or tear quickly. Physicians recommend that you replace your nasal mask every three months; this cuts down the cost of maintenance and replacement expenses.


Although nasal masks and nasal pillow masks achieve the same function, the two differ in terms of their structure and how they function. Also, the choice of a mask type depends on patients’ needs and preferences, prices, and maintenance costs. However, each mask has its benefits and challenges, and therefore you should consult a Medical specialist for advice on which kind of mask to use.

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