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Types of CBD Products And How To Use Them

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CBD Products: CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound of plants in the cannabis family. While CBD is FDA approved for a rare seizure disorder, there are many adults who find it useful for many health challenges.


Those who struggle with insomnia and poor sleep often use a sublingual dose of CBD, which is quickly absorbed. The standard full dose is 1 mg per 10 pounds of body weight, topping out at 25 mg.

You can also extend the benefits of CBD by taking an edible gummie before you take the sublingual dose. Take care not to take too much; while there are many who can tolerate quite a large dose, you will know if you’ve had too much by monitoring your stomach. Too much CBD will cause diarrhea.

If you’re not able to keep gummies in your refrigerator because of the risk to curious little ones, you can try capsule-style CBD products from reputable places like cbdMD with foods that have a bit of fat.


Getting on top of stress with the help of CBD takes a different mindset. Unless you need to fall asleep, too much CBD will cause the unhelpful side effect of sleepiness. To better manage high levels of stress or constantly spinning anxious thoughts, you may do better to microdose with a vaping pen, enjoy a warm bath with a CBD bomb, or put 5 mg in a cup of coffee.

Anxious Thoughts

Struggling with anxious thoughts makes it very hard to move forward in any direction at all. Over time, constantly spinning anxious thoughts can leave you feeling trapped and may contribute to depression. To reduce the risks of depression, consider keeping a journal.

In your CBD journal, write down your beginning state. Are you relaxed, feeling uptight, or actively anxious? Take a small amount of CBD, such as a single drop in a smoothie, then give yourself an hour and track your thoughts again.

As noted above, the sublingual dose is the fastest delivery. The vaping pen is next in terms of speed, a topical is next and gummies and capsules are the slowest. If you are unable to get a handle on your anxious thoughts, you may do better to take a very small dose under the tongue to quickly stop the spin.


CBD is available in lotions, roll-ons, and creams. Sore joints can be eased with a CBD cream and gentle massage. Irritated skin can be improved with a CBD lotion, applied in small amounts over the course of the day. Stiff joints and old surgery scars can be loosened up with a CBD roll-on product.

Pain can also be held off with microdoses. To keep the dose consistent, you can

  • use a vaping pen for an occasional puff
  • put a small dose in a beverage you can slowly sip for an extended period of time
  • take the smallest edible capsule dose possible with a large meal to allow your body to absorb it over time

Many of the most satisfied CBD users find that they can back off their dosage over time. Because you can’t build up a tolerance to CBD, once you determine your dosage, you can either just stay there or slowly back off until you set your required dosage.


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