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6 Perks of Dental Marketing You Don’t Know About

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Marketing forms an integral part of any business. However, if you do not have a budget set apart for marketing, you are losing out on leads and opportunities.

According to ADA, in 2021, there were about 201,927 dentists in the US, out of which 152,256 dentists were in general practice.

How do you differentiate your dental practice in the marketplace to acquire and retain patients with the intense competition? Dental marketing could be the answer to these questions.

Here are six benefits of marketing that could help grow your practice.

Having an Online Presence

Having an online presence is highly important for any company, small or multinational. Today, people spend hours researching brands, products, and services online before buying even the smallest of products.

Thus, as dentists, you should have an online presence with a website, social media profiles, and accounts on trusted third-party medical apps. So, next time a patient searches for your clinic online, the presence of relevant details could help convert them into paying patients.

Reach Out to New Patients

With an online profile, the number of people you can reach significantly increases. It also helps build trust with potential patients. They can look at reviews, learn more about your office, and understand the services offered.

If you specialize in a stream of dentistry, the detail promptly mentioned online will help you be one step ahead of competitors. In addition, there are apps available that make processes like booking and managing patient appointments easier.

Generate Patient Reviews

Customers today look at reviews before buying any product. So it is natural for them to go through multiple patient reviews before deciding on a dentist.

You need to make the most of this trend by letting your previous patients speak on your behalf. You could use tools that send out automated review requests. You could share these reviews on social media to improve your credibility.

Leverage the Referral Network

Tap into the existing patient base to reach out to new patients. Encourage patients to provide you with referrals. With a social sharing option, you could reach out to every contact on their social media network.

You could incentivize the process by offering patients rewards for referrals. You can also track and analyze your referrals using third-party tools and apps.

Increasing Online Traffic

Your website is often the first point of contact for potential patients. Patients will find relevant details like services, office address, contact information, and office hours, among others. So you must have these crucial details updated.

Investing in SEO practices can go a long way in being discovered by patients. While looking at search engine results, users rarely go beyond the first page. Therefore, ranking higher on engines for important dental search terms will convert into quality leads.

Retain Patients

Acquiring a patient is not the single goal of marketing. It can also help you retain patients and turn them into a loyal customer base. For example, you can send them automated emails for reviews and feedback. You can send out season’s greetings by text messages. You can provide them discounts for referrals.

You could inform them first about offers like a discount on teeth cleaning and whitening services. Finally, let your patients know you care about them. Personalized experiences such as these can help build long-term relationships.

Dental marketing has become an essential strategy to establish yourself in the marketplace. Today, businesses take shape in the digital world, thus start building your online presence. In addition, marketing can help your dental practice reach out and acquire new patients, manage your online reputation and build a loyal customer base.

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