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How The Ordering Process For Teeth Night Guards Work

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If you’ve been struggling with overwhelming teeth and jaw pain brought on by teeth clenching during sleep, bruxism, or similar situations, you might be a candidate for a night guard. Night guards protect your teeth from damage and reduce bite intensity, so your clenching does not result in such intense pain. There are many different sleep mouthguard options, including custom-made and ready-to-go options.

You would be wise to try a few different options before settling on the sleep mouthguard that feels the best to you. Likewise, different materials are used depending on how soft or firm you want the grip to be. Before you get started, be sure to consider some general tips about choosing the proper night guard, such as selecting options with firmer material over softer material.

Ideally, you want a hard night guard that fits your teeth specifications and is made from allergen-free materials to avoid irritation or allergy. Softer materials are easier to chew through, giving you less coverage and support against clenching at night. Your brain may also mistake softer materials for food, which may promote more clenching during sleep, causing additional issues.

The specifics for finding your night guard go beyond style and material. You’ll also want to consider how your choices correlate with the intensity by which you clench your teeth at night. More information on that is discussed later on in this article. In the interim, here is a bit about how ordering your teeth night guard online works, so you can start planning.

How Does The Ordering Process Work?

Step 1: Order Your Customized Teeth Impression Kit Online

Once you’ve browsed through different teeth night guard options and found the customizations you want to try, select them and add them to your order. From there, you’re ready to place your order and start creating a custom mold for your teeth night guard. Once you’ve finished ordering online, wait for the kit to arrive!

Step Two: Complete Your Teeth Impression And Send To Lab

Once you place your order at Teeth Night Guard Lab, you’ll receive a kit to guide you through teeth impression making so that a custom guard can be created for your teeth. Follow the directions in the kit to make your teeth night guard impression. Once you’ve finished, send your completed teeth impression back based on the prepaid mailer provided. The pros will take care of the process from there.

Step Three: Wait For Your Night Guard To Arrive

Now, all that is left to do is to keep a lookout for your shipment, which will contain your custom dental guard and case based on the teeth impression you submitted. This three-step process is simple and to the point and keeps things convenient for you.

How Long Does The Kit Take To Complete?

Order your kit directly from the retail provider you’re interested in working with and get one step closer to pain-free teeth! It takes around five minutes to get your teeth night guard impression ready. Follow the four-step process instructions in your kit and send it back when you’re done.

How Do I Know My Teeth Night Guard Will Be Molded Correctly?

Your impression will be reviewed by labs with more than fifteen years of professional dental experience, giving you the best outcomes possible for your custom-made guard. In fact, the labs used by your teeth night guard provider are similar to those used by dentists for these needs every day. If you have concerns over whether the customizations you select are right for you, consider reaching out to your dentist beforehand to discuss the most appropriate options.

They may suggest that an upper teeth night guard is more appropriate or that a lower one would be more effective for your needs. Getting insight from a dental professional can help you make the best choices before you complete your order.

How To Choose The Right Customizations For Your Teeth

When you head online to see the custom options, consider the chart breakdown that provides you with the specifics of the seven possible options to create your guard. Each level of teeth grinding corresponds with the degree of softness of the material used for the teeth night guard. See which material type you need based on the severity of your teeth grinding and clenching.

Prioritize Symptom Reduction Over Comfort Level

From there, review the thickness, material type, and comfort levels with which each teeth grinding level corresponds. You’ll want to choose the correct options and understand the amount of comfort needed vs. the amount desired for your needs and symptom reduction. Additional customizations to consider for your teeth night guard include whether the options are available to cover the top and bottom teeth, if you want a five-year lifespan, and if you need latex or phthalate-free materials to protect against any allergy or irritation.

Are There Ways To Save On Orders?

There are additional ways to save by ordering from the site directly. Look for discounts to save on additional guards and replicas for the following three months after your first purchase. You can save up to 40% by shopping strategically in this way!

You can also subscribe to the mailing list to get promos and discounts for future teeth night guard options and related products. If you are not satisfied with your night guard, you can participate in the 30-day money-back guarantee. Receive all of your money back if you are displeased with your custom night guard.

Who Can I Speak To Regarding Questions About My Order?

You can contact the provider directly if you have questions or concerns about the teeth night guard ordering process. Look on the site to find an email, phone number, and mailing address at the bottom of the page.

Get The Pain-Free Sleep And Teeth You Deserve

Living with bruxism-related symptoms is hard enough! Make the teeth night guard ordering process easier on you by following the simple, three-step process described above. Place your order today and get the pain-free sleep and teeth you deserve!

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