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How Novaplus Enhanced Supply Programs Ease the Pandemic Struggle

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, supplies were hard to come by. This was especially true for healthcare workers, who faced wave after wave of patients suffering from this deadly disease. Because of this never-ending onslaught of new patients filling up healthcare facilities, personal protective equipment was used up and mostly unavailable, as suppliers were unable to keep up with demand.

Luckily, groups such as Novaplus created enhanced supply programs, which enabled healthcare workers to get their much-needed supplies, despite the many hurdles keeping them from accessing this life-saving equipment.

In this article, we will examine how companies such as Vizient can access the Novaplus program and enable hospitals to continue to serve patients, even during times of short supply.

What Is Novaplus? 

Novaplus is a long-standing company within the medical supply industry. Through their “enhanced supply program”, Novaplus can provide medications, gloves, gowns, and any other medical equipment that a healthcare facility may need.

In essence, the Novaplus program bridges the gap when there is low supply and high demand throughout the medical industry.

How Does the Enhanced Supply Program Work?

The “enhanced supply program” is essentially a three-pronged approach toward limiting supply chain disruptions in the medical industry.

  1. By increasing visibility across the supply chain, from raw material suppliers, to warehouses, to carriers, and eventually to the healthcare facilities themselves, Novaplus can pivot and ensure that there is always adequate supply for a healthcare facility’s needs. This is true no matter how strained suppliers may be at any given time.
  2. Patients and providers never need to worry about running out of crucial medications or medical supplies. The enhanced supply program ensures that key equipment will always be stocked and that healthcare facilities are prepared for any eventuality.
  3. Supply Commitment. Novaplus maintains predictability with regard to their supply levels for healthcare teams. By using predictive models and looking to the future, Novaplus can know to a very reliable degree whether or not they will need to make changes to suppliers or other parts of the supply chain.

Benefits of the Enhanced Supply Program

In general, facilities who utilize the enhanced supply program can expect to realize the following two main benefits.

  1. Reliable Supply. By forecasting months into the future, healthcare facilities who use the enhanced supply program are stocked with goods that can last them for much longer than those facilities who do not use the program.
  2. Excellent Value. Through the use of the enhanced supply program through Novaplus, healthcare facilities can enjoy competitive pricing as well as other inherent value. 


By working with Vizient, healthcare facilities gain access to the resources offered through Novaplus’s enhanced supply program. Through said partnership, healthcare companies never have to worry about running out of supplies, having to reuse key supplies, or turning patients away because they are unable to serve them.

The supply chain disruptions in the world are very troubling. But companies such as Vizient and Novaplus have found ways to continue to serve patients no matter what issues may be plaguing the world.

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