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How to choose the right wig in summer?

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Summer is coming and how to choose the right hair wig is the most important question on everybody’s mind.

Even if it isn’t summer,you must choose the right hair wig that suits your face shape and hair style for your outdoor activities.

If you enjoy running or going to the gym the headband wig is especially for you. It keeps your hair in place while you are active, and it look gorgeous.

Let’s look at some great choices for summer:

  1. Bob wig is a good wig for summer

  The all-time classic bob is a great style for summer, dry or wet. With a

secure fitting lace bob you can swim and not be worried that your hair will

show patches when wet. The fantastic thing about a lace wig is that the

hair is woven so close to each other that it gives a totally natural look.

What’s great about bob is that it dries quickly and in the style that it is cut.

No blow drying or curling is necessary, you can just towel dry and leave it to

dry naturally and your hair will look stylish and cool again.

  1. Why is a head band wig a good choice?

Let’s look at a headband wig – this is the type of wig that is made from

a piece of material that resembles a fashionable headband. Take you

natural hair and tie it together with clips or elastic bands. Now take out the

Velcro wig and shake it out gently. Take the headband and wrap it around

your head. Now fasten the ends securely with the velcro ends.

Shift the velcro band until it fits correctly onto your head. Shake the hair

loose! You have gorgeous hair in 10 minutes!

You can have a dramatic change in your daily look within minutes.

3. You can also consider a u part wig (recommend famous brand unice)

The perfect thing about a U part wig or a thin wig is that it has a section for your natural hair to breathe though. The U cut out at the top is where you pull your own hair through. When you swim with this wig it allows the water to pass through under the rest of the wig, so the hair flows in a natural movement.

This works the same way when you get out of the water. Simply take a towel and towel the hair on the wig and your own hair. You will feel the air pass through the V gap on your head. This will ensure that your hair dries quickly and naturally and also prevent any build up from the water.

4. Natural black color wig is better than colored wig

When choosing a natural hair wig, it is better to consider a color that is the same as your natural color. Chlorine in swimming pools is a harsh chemical that bleaches hair. You might find that even after the first time there is a color difference in some parts of your hair.

The color will change more and more if you wear your hair wig often when you swim. Rather take your wig off and swim with a sexy turban and then put your headband wig on straight after you get out the pool.

If you are a regular beach goer, once you have had a swim try to in the shade or under an umbrella. The combination of salt water and sun causes damage to your wig and the hair will start to break.

Beach bag – Take a beach bag with you to the beach or the pool. Have a spritzer filled with water and some natural essential oil such as coconut, argon, olive oil or jojoba. Spritz this on regularly during your day out, especially in the mid-section of the hair and the ends. This will prevent split ends and hair breakage, leaving you with long lustrous hair.

5. Choose a full lace wig this enables you to wear a ponytail

A full lace wig is perfect for every occasion, it allows you to part your hair in a side parting or a middle parting. Full lace wigs have hair inserted so closely it looks like a full head of natural hair, natural and fabulous.. A full lace wig even allows you to draw all your hair back from your forehead and have that stunning ponytail you see celebs wear on the runway.

Choosing a suitable wig is very important, especially in summer. In summer you want to have a full head of natural hair, yet you don’t want the hair to look heavy. At UNice we have had years of experience helping people choose the right hair for their face shape and lifestyle.

What makes UNice different is that we care about our clients and spend time with them to find the right wig in our shop.

We want you to look fabulous, because let’s face it, if you look fabulous you and your friends will come to us every season to get the latest trendiest look!

Let our qualified consultants at UNice help you to get the best style and texture that will suit your lifestyle.

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