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Holistic Rehabs: Will Exercise Aid Recovery and Enhance my Experience?

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Substance abuse and addiction affect many people globally. Many rehabilitation facilities have sine come up to cater to the needs of drug and alcohol addicts and aid them in their recovery journey. There are different types of rehabilitation facilities, and holistic rehabs are quite common.

They are favorite among many, thanks to the exceptional amenities and services. These facilities employ various methods to expedite recovery, and fitness is an aspect worth mentioning. Exercising offers multiple health benefits to drug addicts.

But let’s begin by understanding the meaning of holistic rehabs and the services offered.

Holistic rehab is an addiction facility offering distinct therapies to ensure whole-body recovery. The common therapies offered include; routine exercise, nutrition, counseling, guided meditation, acupuncture and many more.

That’s not all; most holistic rehab centers offer plant-based treatments and customize the treatment to suit a patient’s needs. This is to say that holistic rehabs take treatment to the next level and are a unique approach to addiction treatment.

Why is exercise critical in holistic treatment? 

Exercise offers myriad benefits not only to addicts but also the general population. However, some may not be fit enough to participate in intense pursuits. There are various exercises to choose from. These may range from swimming, stretching, walking, or group activities like football and dance classes.

What are the benefits?

1. Physical gains

Exercising offers numerous physical benefits to recovering addicts. They help improve the cardiovascular system and respiration. Moreover, exercising strengthens your health and enhances circulation. This way, your body finds it easy to deliver essential nutrients to your body.

Exercises also benefit the lungs; they improve lung capacity, thus enhancing your energy and endurance levels. Other physical benefits include;

    • Weight management
    • Improves motor skills & coordination

2.Mental& Emotional benefits

Exercising gives addicts that natural high; this is because exercises help release serotonin and endorphins. This way, way, you are likely to curb cravings, and your body gets better at releasing these “feel good” elements. You are highly likely to manage stress, depression, and anxiety feelings with regular exercises.

What of sleep? Exercising will also improve sleep, which helps avoid insomnia. You also enjoy healthy sleep patterns, making it easy to cope with anxiety and stress. With time, exercising will enhance your general outlook and improve your self-esteem. This way, you’ll feel good about yourself and care for yourself.

3. Social benefits

Exercising is a fun pursuit allowing you to connect and interact with others. Whether it’s yoga, dance class or a football match, exercising will offer numerous benefits to recovering addicts. Exercising also helps avoid triggers which can derail your recovery journey. It’s an excellent way of socializing and sharing ideas with others, and you enjoy fun activities outdoors.

Final thoughts

Exercising offers considerable gains to recovering addicts. There are different exercises in holistic rehabs; these may include outdoor and indoor activities. However, the medical team will determine the most suitable activities for your health condition. Are you seeking rehab services and don’t know where to start? Join a holistic rehab and enjoy exceptional services and programs to enhance your health condition.

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