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Global HealthThe emergence of the term “global health” has come along with the popularization of globalization, a greater awareness of common vulnerabilities, and a sense of greater shared responsibility for the inequalities present in today’s world. With the increase in world trade, tourism, and migration, the movement of people around the world continues to grow day by day. The disease does not respect borders.

“Global health” is a term widely used but little understood. The concept of Global Health has been defined in various ways. Koplan et al (2009) called for the adoption of a common definition and proposed the following working definition, “an area of study, research and practice that prioritizes the improvement of health and health equity for all in the world.

Global health emphasizes transnational health problems, determinants, and solutions; engages many disciplines within and beyond the health sciences and promotes interdisciplinary collaboration; and it is a synthesis of population-based prevention with clinical care at the individual level. Beaglehole and Bonita (2010) went further by defining global health as “collaborative translational research and action to promote health for all, emphasizing the critical need for collaboration.”

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