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How Exercise Can Help You to Look Younger?

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This is a fact that people who are doing exercises or taking part in physical activities. They stay active and healthy for a long time and they look younger also. Several researches have proven that exercise will make you look younger and feel younger, but a million-dollar question is, what are the exercises you are supposed to do? If you know the exercises, then the task to look younger becomes a lot easier for you. Experts have divided this into two main categories; it is cardiovascular exercises and do strength training.

Cardio Exercises

You can do any physical activity which can raise your heart rate; it comes in the category of cardio training. So it hardly matters whether you go for jogging or playing tennis, you opt for biking or swimming. All these exercises are responsible to increase your blood flow. A proper blood flow means your body will get the right amount of oxygen to the cells. It will help cells to throw out carbon dioxide and get the proper nutrition, which in turn makes your body look younger and smarter.

A health study was conducted at the McMaster, University of Canada, it shows that when a group of mice were running regularly on a wheel, whereas the other group of mice was doing nothing for exercise. They have found that the group which was exercising improved in every aspect of their health and looks. On the other hand, the group, which was doing nothing stayed in the same position. They have also found that their fur started graying and balding.

And the next time the same study was conducted on humans. In this study, a doctor took the skin samples from those people who have crossed 65 years and were inactive. They put half of the group on cardiovascular exercises for three months. After the three months again, the doctor took the skin samples and the skin of those people who have exercised had improved a lot. Both of their skin layers, outer and inner improved. Thus, the research has shown that if you continue to do the exercise you can compare the skin of a 60-year-old person to a 40-year person.

Strength Training

We all know that as we age our bones density decreases so do our muscle mass. In order to control both the things, we can use light weights to do strength training. By doing the exercise with the weight, you can slow down the loss of bone and will maintain your muscle mass. For strength training classes one should join any local gym like GymNation in UAE or nearby area.


This is at last, but not the least as the right kind of eating will make you feel younger and look younger also. You have to stay away from processed foods and carbonated stuff. Focus on eating lean meats, whole grains, nuts, fresh fruits, and vegetables regularly in your diet to revitalize your skin. Stays hydrated and drink as much water as you can, this will throw out the toxins from your body and your skin will glow.


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