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What Can I Expect Throughout Breast Lift Surgery?

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Breast lift surgery, also known as mastopexy, is a common cosmetic procedure used to restore firmer, younger-looking breasts. A breast lift procedure will make the breasts look perkier especially if you have problems with saggy breasts. Not only will you notice a difference in your breasts but you will also feel more youthful and confident.

Types Of Breast Lift Surgery:

Because every woman’s breasts are unique, it is typical for patients to come with mild asymmetry; consequently, some patients may need a combination of breast lift surgeries.


This surgery removes extra skin and tissue from the breast to enhance ptosis and breast form. This treatment may be performed in two ways, resulting in either an anchor scar or a lollipop scar.

Depending on the procedure, the surgeon will generally make an incision around the areola, then a vertical line from the nipple to the breast crease, then a 3-5cm incision along the breast crease.

Augmented Mastopexy:

This surgery is a mastopexy with implants, in which the surgeon uses the same anchor method to elevate the breast and insert a breast implant to augment the breast’s size and bulk.

Modified Mastopexy:

Also known as a nipple lift or reduction, this operation is used to relocate or downsize the areola and nipple. For the removal of the areola, circular or crescent-shaped incisions are often employed by surgeons.

What You Can Expect From Breast Lift Surgery

Breast lift surgery may be performed in either a hospital or an outpatient surgical center. Sedation and local anesthetic, which numbs just a portion of your body, are sometimes used during the treatment. In certain circumstances, general anesthesia is advised.

Before the Procedure

The surgeon will explain several elements of breast lift at the pre-surgery consultation. Their priority will be to educate you about the operation and assist you in making an informed decision.

During the first consulting session, some surgeons may show before and after breast lift images. It might assist to ensure that you are aware of the possible advantages and efficacy of the procedure. Breast lift advantages include youthful appearance as well as  improvement of the breast shape and many more.

During The Surgery

Breast lift surgery is conducted under general anesthesia and takes roughly two hours to complete. First, the surgeon will create an incision using the appropriate method to remove extra skin, restructure the breast tissue, and elevate the nipple.

To accommodate your new breast size and form, the surgeon may also lower the size of the areola. If you have opted to combine breast augmentation or breast reduction with a breast lift to obtain the desired appearance, the treatment may take longer.

After the treatment is completed, your surgeon will stitch the incisions and wrap your breasts in a supporting garment or a special bra to prevent the weight of your breasts from pushing on your healing wounds.

After The Surgery

Post-surgery, you will be transported to the recovery room to relax while the anesthesia wears off. The doctor will prescribe pain medicine to alleviate your suffering. Flowing tubes may be inserted near your incision to drain excess fluid, and they will be withdrawn after the fluid or blood stops draining. This is normally done before you go home.

Before you leave, the surgeon will also advise you on wound care and what to do if you have any issues. They will also advise you on how to wash, care for your breast, and what you should and should not do throughout your recovery.

You must arrange for a friend or family member to drive you home and remain with you for the first 24 hours after your operation.

Your breasts will feel stiff, puffy, and discolored soon after the surgery. You may use over-the-counter pain relievers if you are in pain or discomfort.

After breast lift surgery, you will need to take two to three weeks off work and avoid moving heavy things and having intercourse until your surgeon gives you the okay to do so. After two weeks, you will be able to resume mild exercise and activities, and after six weeks, you will be ready to resume your usual activities.

Who Makes A Good Candidate For A Breast Lift?

Healthy nonsmokers at a steady weight with drooping, flat, or extended breasts are ideal candidates for this cosmetic surgery. Other qualifications include asymmetry, low nipples, and stretched skin. Breast enhancement like breast augmentation can be combined with breast lift procedures.

The operation does not intend to make the breasts bigger or closer together. Women who have lost volume typically prefer to have implants along with a breast lift, although this is not always required. All it requires is relocating the nipple, removing some superfluous skin, and altering the breast map.

You’ll see effects right away, but it may take a few months for your breasts to settle into their ultimate shape. The outcomes of a breast lift may not be permanent. It is conceivable that you may need another breast lift.

Some women decide to have a repeat breast lift to enhance the overall appearance of their breasts. However, they may not need a full-length operation. Maintaining a consistent, healthy weight may help you maintain your results longer.

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