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7 Qualities That Will Make a Nurse Successful

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It takes a lot more than a degree and a pair of stylish jogger scrub pants to be a great nurse. While making it through nursing school is a feat that, in itself, requires a lot of hard work and perseverance, there are certain qualities that every nurse should possess to be successful.

Nurses are in high demand and, as they continue entering the workforce, hospitals and healthcare organizations are increasingly looking for specific qualities in candidates. With nearly three million registered nurses in the United States, it never hurts to work on developing traits and skills that will set you apart from your fellow candidates. If your goal is to become a great and successful nurse, get comfy in your favorite scrub pants for women and keep reading to uncover some important qualities.

1.Communication Skills

Strong communication skills are vital for nurses. As a nurse, being able to effectively communicate with patients, physicians, patients, families, etc. is a huge part of the job. Medical errors are much more likely to occur when nurses lack strong communication skills. Patients may feel neglected, too, and the entire unit could struggle to stay on top of tasks. If you want to be a successful nurse, developing strong communication skills should be one of your top priorities.


A lot of people assume that anyone who chooses to become a nurse does so because they are a caring person. This is not always true, though. Some folks enter this field for job security or because they feel they do not have any other options.

The most successful nurses, though, are the ones who are truly caring. A caring nurse provides a much better experience for patients. They will also work harder to achieve the best possible outcomes than those who do not have a caring nature. Unfortunately, this innate quality cannot be learned in a classroom.

3.Problem-Solving Skills

Problem-Solving Skills

Nursing school teaches you a lot. The things you learn in a classroom can never fully prepare you for the real world, though. On-the-job training is the best way to gain problem-solving skills, but some people are naturally more gifted in this area than others.

No matter how well-prepared you are for various situations, nothing compares to facing the situation in real life. Cases don’t always present as they do in textbooks, and it’s up to you to get to the root of problems quickly. Thinking on your feet and having strong problem-solving skills is an excellent way to build a strong nursing career, you can always get an online medical certificate and be more prepared for your future challenges in the medical profession. especially if you aspire to become an educator.

4.Attention to Detail

Whether working in a hospital, a doctor’s office, or anywhere else, nurses are under a lot of pressure. They are responsible for caring for multiple patients, receiving orders from physicians, communicating with families, and using their knowledge and skills to provide high-quality healthcare services. The stakes are high, and every good nurse knows that a single mistake could cost someone their life.

Having strong attention to detail is one of the traits that separates the best nurses from the rest of their colleagues. When caring for multiple patients and handling numerous responsibilities, you have to be on top of everything. Even the slightest details cannot escape your attention if you want to be successful in this field.


Being a nurse is a physically demanding job. It is not unusual for a nurse to lift 1.8 tons while adjusting and moving patients throughout a single shift. That’s like lifting a hippopotamus! Plus the average nurse walks four to five miles per shift. They are on their feet for 12 hours (or more), and they often have very little time for breaks.

And that’s just the physical impact.

Nurses have to have a lot of emotional stamina, too. They bear witness to some of the best and worst moments of peoples’ lives day after day. They face loss, fear, joy, and the full gamut of human emotions. If you want to be successful in this industry, you need to be physically and emotionally strong.

6.Time Management

A 12-hour shift may seem like plenty of time to get everything done. But when you’re caring for multiple patients, interacting with physicians and other nurses, meeting with families, and tending to countless other responsibilities, that time flies by.

Most successful nurses have mastered the art of time management. They know how to balance all of their responsibilities while focusing on the most critical issues first. They also know how to make time for self-care so that they can be the best versions of themselves.

7.Willingness to Learn

When you are a nurse, the education does not stop when you earn your degree. In many ways, obtaining your nursing degree is only the beginning of your education. Technological improvements and scientific breakthroughs are happening every day, and the healthcare industry is constantly changing. Nurses spend more time with patients than other healthcare workers, so they need to stay up-to-date on the latest information and best practices to deliver high-quality care.

Nurses are also required to participate in ongoing education to keep their knowledge current. As a nurse, you should think of every day as a learning opportunity, though. Whether you are recently graduated or have decades of experience, you should never feel like you know all there is to know. If you are not willing to continuously learn, you are unlikely to achieve success in the nursing field.

The Bottom Line


The qualities listed above are just a few of the many qualities that many successful nurses share. Keep in mind, though, that you can be successful even if you don’t feel that you fit the mold. As long as you are compassionate and driven to provide high-quality care, you can make a difference in patients’ lives. It’s just a matter of putting your mind to it and committing to being the best nurse you can.

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