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5 Strange Pregnancy Symptoms That Might Surprise You

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Pregnancy is a magical time for many women who love watching their bellies grow and feeling new life moving inside them. Expectant mothers are often told about some of the less glamorous things to expect, such as mood changes and general discomfort, but other symptoms can come as quite a shock. If you’re an expectant parent and are curious whether your pregnancy-related symptoms are normal, here are some of the most unusual but common ones you might encounter. 

Increased Vein Visibility

Many women can be quite shocked when blue veins appear in pregnancy, especially if they have fair skin, highlighting the unusual coloring of their veins even further. Increased vein visibility is a normal pregnancy symptom from the first trimester onward and occurs as your body begins producing more blood to support your baby and you. To accommodate this increased blood production, your veins can become enlarged, making them more visible under your skin. 

Bleeding Gums

If you normally take excellent care of your teeth and gums, noticing them bleeding during flossing and brushing can be confusing. Most often, bleeding gums are associated with gingivitis and not caring for your oral health as you should. 

However, it can be a normal sign of pregnancy, caused by a combination of increased blood production and pregnancy gingivitis. Hormones like progesterone cause increased gum sensitivity, and plaque irritates your gums more than it usually does, leading to swelling and bleeding. If you’re concerned about this new symptom, visit your local dentist for advice, but be sure to tell them that you’re pregnant. 

Hair Changes

When you’ve had the same hair type your entire life, any changes can be noticeable. Many pregnant women notice that their hair becomes thicker, grows faster, changes texture, or even grows in unusual places. These changes are caused by pregnancy hormones, which can impact both your hair and nails. Most women’s hair returns to normal within months after giving birth, but it’s a side effect that very few people talk about. 

Skin Tone Changes

Seeing your skin tone change color can be scary, especially when it’s not a symptom of pregnancy you’ve heard of or ever expected. However, it’s quite common. Your increased hormone levels sometimes stimulate melanin cells, which your body uses for skin pigmentation. 

The stimulation of melanin cells can result in more pronounced freckles, darker areolas, and even linea nigra, the dark line that runs down your belly. Some people also experience blotchy and patchy skin, and those with darker skin might also notice hyperpigmentation that disappears once the baby is born.  

Non-food Cravings

Many women experience unusual food cravings during pregnancy, but some also have cravings for non-food items. This condition is called pica and, in the case of pregnancy, is caused by your body’s increased nutritional needs. 

Some of the most commonly craved non-food items are dirt, laundry detergent, chalk, hair, and even paint. If you start experiencing non-food cravings, it’s vital to seek advice from a medical professional. 

Pregnancy isn’t smooth-sailing for every expectant parent, and you might encounter worrying symptoms. However, it’s important to note that even the most unusual symptoms can still be common. Always seek advice from your doctor if you’re unsure or concerned about any symptoms you’ve been experiencing.

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