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How to Choose the Right Extensions for Shorter Hair?

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How to Choose the Right Extensions for Shorter Hair?

How Hair extensions are considered the best option to add length and volume. However, it is pretty challenging to find out which type of extensions hair will blend well with your natural color, especially if you have short-length hair.

The only way to discover its natural feel is to try it on. Hence, you should consider clip-in extensions before committing to a long-term extension type. Remember, these extensions are easy to remove, so you can always try them out and take them off later.

Generally speaking, you can go for monofilament top extensions as they offer a natural finish to the hair. They are easy to conceal and blend well with all kinds of short hairstyles. Even if you have a pixie cut, you can manage to make it work with these extensions.

Here are some of the essentials that you should focus on before choosing your favorite extensions for hair.

You must opt for Thick Extensions

The demand for hair extensions is growing in North America. It is mainly due to growing awareness about celebrity fashion trends and elevated grooming and beauty activities.

The best way to make your short hair look longer is by opting for thick extensions. They are easier to blend with the natural strands, so you can easily manage them with regular styling tools.

If you have thin hair, it will only expose the tracks of the extension and ruin your overall look.

Blonde Extensions

If you want to try out blonde highlights to your short hair, you can opt for blonde extensions.

If you have dark-colored natural hair, it will look even better. The best part is that the extension’s color doesn’t matter much unless you are opting for colored options. Blonde hair looks fantastic on all types of short haircuts, be it a pixie cut or bob cut.

Tape-in Extensions

These extensions for hair are easy to attach and detach from the natural hair without going through much hassle. Since they have no clips or glues, they can be removed easily while taking a shower.

You can use them anytime you want and wear them for as long as you want. However, if you want to add length and volume to your [hair] for a special occasion, then go for other types of extensions, such as weft or clip-in extensions.

The best thing about these extensions is that they allow the natural growth of your [hair], and you won’t have to handle any side effects. So, opt for tape-in extensions and get beautiful natural-looking hair instantly.

Tease the Roots

If you have very sparse [hair], tease the roots of your natural hair to add volume. You can tease them with a fine-tooth comb before attaching the extension. This way, they will look denser and thicker, and you won’t have to worry about hiding the tracks.

Just ensure that you don’t go overboard and create a mess by teasing too much.

Presence of Side Tracks

If you want to blend the [hair] perfectly, look for sidetracks. They will help you disguise the clips or glues used to attach the extensions with your natural hair. How to Choose the Right Extensions for Shorter Hair? This way, they will appear completely natural and blend well with your thin strands.

The best thing about these extensions is that you can use them with your natural [hair] without damage. So, if you are worried about heat-related damages to your natural strands, then these extensions are the best option for you.

Blend Different Lengths

If your hair length is short, you can choose a longer extension to look longer and thicker. However, ensure that the layers of your natural hair don’t go over the extensions, as they will only look unkempt.

Instead, opt for two different lengths, one slightly shorter than your natural [hair] and another slightly longer. So, you can instantly make your [hair] look longer and thicker without going through the tedious process of teasing the roots.

Just ensure that you buy extensions with different lengths as per your requirement and styling capabilities. For instance, if you aren’t good at styling your hair yourself, How to Choose the Right Extensions for Shorter Hair? then go for those with long lengths or if you want to experiment with different styles, opt for those with two different lengths.

You must not go overboard with the layers as they make your strand appear thinner if they are too many.

Opt for short layers with different lengths starting from shortest at the back till longest in front. It will make your [hair] look longer instantly.

If you have thin [hair] cut into a pixie cut, opt for a deep side part to get that fantastic look.

Try out different styles and see which one works the best for you. Keep experimenting with your shorter hair and remember, extensions are detachable and easy to use the way you want.

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