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Queen vs. California King: What’s the Difference?

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Queen California: When you buy a king-size mattress, it has measurements that are 108 inches wide by 90 inches long. A queen-size mattress has measurements that are just the width of the bed at 84 inches and is typically shorter than 10 feet long.

Queen mattresses usually give you more room for your head to avoid excessive strain on the neck area when sitting up in bed or reading in bed before falling back to sleep. It is also better suited for taller people who want more space between their feet and the edge of the bed.

When trying to decide which size mattress to buy for your home you should measure and calculate how much floor space you have (length/width) and then decide which size will provide you with enough bedding without needing too much help from furniture like nightstands or dressers that might take up additional floor space rather than adding to it.

What Is a Queen Size Mattress?

A queen-sized mattress is significantly larger than a full-size mattress. Queen-sized beds are often used in bedrooms and guest rooms and provide enough sleeping space for two people. A standard queen has dimensions of approximately 60 by 80 inches (5 feet x 6 feet), which differs from the “Euro” counterpart which differs in height and width. The difference between a full and a double bed is just their size. A king-sized mattress can be found with similar measurements to a queen, at 76 by 80 inches (6 feet x 6 feet).

What Is a California King Size Mattress?

A California King Size Mattress is a mattress that is longer than a queen and shorter than a king and specifically built for these dimensions. The width, at 76 inches, is the same as all other mattresses.

An important consideration in choosing between the three size options visitors can use to find their perfect mattress, suitable to match their bedroom space needs – ask the following questions: “How much room do I want on each side of my bed?”; “What type of sheets will I be using”?; and “Is my partner tall or short?”. A California King Size Bed meets these requirements by providing 18 inches on one side and 9″ on the other.

Things To Remember Before Buying New Mattress

There are many things to remember while buying a mattress. This is especially when you are buying one from the Internet. Choose between a latex or memory foam mattress for good sleep. The bed you are looking at may be just a memory foam mattress but its foam has gone through a lot of processing before it gets to your room. You don’t want to buy a bad-quality foam mattress just because it is cheap.

Cost – The cost of the mattress is an important factor in your decision. Make sure you are getting a good deal. If a mattress is expensive, then there’s usually a good reason behind it. Whether it’s a product the company has ever produced or other factors, there might be a good reason that it is priced so high.

Price  Extended Warranties Most companies offer this as a way to cover potential repairs and wear and tear on mattresses. Many people don’t think about this, but the cost of a new mattress is going to add up over time. When you consider how much it is likely to cost anyway, the cost of the extended warranty is an attractive option.

Comfort – When choosing a mattress, you have to consider the firmness, size, support, and comfort of the mattress. Are you going to sleep on it? Do you want firmness or softness? Do you want the comfort factor? Think about your budget too and the kinds of mattresses you want before you go to the store. If you can’t find anything in the store and you want to buy a mattress online, read reviews or ask for recommendations online.

Size – In terms of size, consider the size of your room. If you want to save space, you can consider 76″ X 80″ X 11 and 60” x 80” x 11” size to get a king-sized or queen-sized mattress. If you have limited space, you can always opt for compact models.

Depth Another thing to consider is the depth of the mattress. You can choose between a depth that’s comfortable for you or one that’s not.

Material– You should also consider the material your mattress is made of. A lot of people prefer a traditional mattress made of cotton or foam. The newest designs now offer memory foam that promises to provide you with the comfort you deserve.

Types Of Mattress

Air Mattress One of the most well-known types of mattress for the sofa-bed in the air mattress. The ideal weight of a blanket and mattress is not heavy. An air mattress functions using a pump to inflate and deflate the material.

Memory Foam – A memory foam or air bed can be firm or soft and provide a person with an extremely comfortable sleeping surface. Memory form is also the most popular bed pillow.

Hybrid Mattress– Hybrid mattresses provide the best combination of support and bounce. They contain both memory foam and latex, but are thicker and do not have the coil system found in innerspring mattresses.

Pillow Top Mattress – Pillow top mattress types are usually made from plastic instead of a coil system. The advantage of pillow top mattresses is that they are very soft and comfortable. The main disadvantage is that they tend to lose their shape or snap back when you change the position of your body.


The Queen vs. California King debate is one that has been going on for decades and there are many arguments to support both sides of the argument. We know our customers have a lot of questions about these two-bed types, so we’ve put together this blog post with some answers. Whether you decide on a queen or California king-size mattress, be sure to take into consideration your personal needs as well as your bedroom space before making a purchase decision.


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