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Men’s Hairs: Treatments For Hair Loss

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Men’s Hairs: In recent decades, hair loss treatment has undergone great development. It’s no wonder that hair loss is one of the top reasons to see a dermatologist. Alopecia areata, or androgenetic alopecia, is a problem that affects a quarter of the male population ages 25 and 30 and more than half after 50. The causes are known and relate to male hormones and genetic sensitivity to them. Therefore, in women, this occurs only occasionally.

The hair’s visual discolouration is because the thickness, length, and colour of the hair weaken over the years. This is what dermatologists call miniaturization of the hair. If we look under the microscope, we will understand that the entire head of bald people is full of follicles with tiny hairs but invisible to the eye.

What Factors Influence Hair Loss?

Experts consider that heredity is one of the main factors that affect the different degrees of hormonal sensitivity responsible for the progressive loss of hairs strength. Metabolism and certain diseases such as obesity, nutritional imbalances, tuberculosis, kidney, and liver failure also affect. Stress, tobacco, and diet contribute to the deterioration of the well-being of women. To prevent this, women must lead a healthy lifestyle, eat a healthy diet, and avoid fuss.

There is also cyclical alopecia. This will be a false hair loss. It will fall out “a little bit at a time” and grow back after about three months. This is commonly known as falling out and cause a lot of distress, especially for women with long, dark, and often curly hair.

What Are The Main Treatments For Hair Loss?

What Are The Main Treatments For Hair Loss_

First of all, it is important not to hang yourself and consult if you doubt that there is a problem with the fall. The patient undergoes the necessary tests, and if he is clear that there is nothing to worry about, the better; If a problem found, it is important to start treatment as soon as possible.

Significant advances have made in treating hair loss in recent years. For men, two compounds are used: minoxidil, topically, directly on the hair, and finasteride, in tablets. Two drugs that revolutionized treatment and will see results in three months. In women, although they tend to be more reluctant to take hormone-modifying pills, both products have also been used, among other things, with very positive results. The key is consistency.

As for micrograft transplantation from the back of the head to the top of the head, this is another very popular hairs loss treatment method. When the pills don’t work, some people turn to these remedies, which are expensive but very natural-looking.

The Contribution Of Iron, Essential To Prevent Hair Loss

A proper diet is essential for strong hairs. The diet should contain high levels of iron, especially in women who consume red meat and legumes. And is anaemia one of the factors that contribute to hair loss?

Keep Hair Clean

The misconception associated with hair is that washing it is often bad. However, experts recommend doing this frequently, but with the right shampoo, taking into account each person’s hair type (dry, oily, dandruff, etc.)

Beware Of Bad Habits

Stress and smoking affect hair loss, especially in women. The use of too-tight hairstyles, the excessive use of dyes and fixers, as well as repeated exposure to a hairdryer also have a negative effect. All of these practices weaken the hair.

Fibrosing Alopecia: A Mystery To Be Solved

For some time, a type of baldness has emerged, known by specialists as “fibrosing frontal alopecia,” with a high degree of virulence, affecting almost exclusively women. Hair falls out due to inflammation in the follicle, which heals and leaves scars that prevent hair from growing back. This is especially true for the forehead, sideburns, and eyebrows.

Fibrosing Alopecia, A Mystery To Be Solved

Dermatologists consider it a global epidemic for more than 15 years. Although some experts say it has always happened, but we did not know its existence. It is very difficult to deal with it, although dermatologists recommend in consultation to prevent this fall if possible.

Everything indicates that it relates to a disease known as lichen del Pilar, and many doctors suspect that it is due to some environmental factor, which is why it spread so quickly around the world.


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