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Importance Of Sober Living Home

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One of the most critical periods for recovery is the first 20 to 80 days after you have completed rehab.

Returning to your daily life immediately after treatment means a high probability of encountering triggers and cravings. The best way to contest these issues is to live in a sober living home. Some of the best sober living homes in the U.S. offer exceptional service and will help you with your recovery.

If you’re unfamiliar with the whole sober living home concept, we’ll answer some common questions for you.

What Is A Sober Living Home?

Sober living homes are residential housing facilities that are “free of alcohol or drug zone” that aims at helping you gradually transition back to normal life. While living costs are paid by residents, residents are also responsible for chores.

Your sober living home experience will give you a sense of independence, enabling you to resume your normal life while living with fellow residents, staff, and those who will help hold you accountable.

Getting the right balance of support, guidance, and accountability that you’ll find here will allow you to learn how to cope with life’s stressors and live a normal life without drugs or alcohol. Apart from this you can also get unique style of living by following we are unique

How Does Life At Sober Living Homes Look Like?

Life in SLH is much like living in your home. Each resident has their own bedroom, but they share common areas such as the kitchen, living room, recreational area, etc.

All the residents are required to attend house meetings, group counseling sessions as well as continue any outpatient treatment. Residents are also expected to do the household work including dishes, laundry, grocery, cleaning, etc.

All residents are supposed to strictly adhere to the rules of the housing facility. Though rules vary from facility to facility, some of the common ones include-

  • Abiding the curfew time (unless the resident is working)
  • No resident is allowed to keep guests overnight.
  • Use of substances is strictly prohibited.
  • All residents have to go through drug testing every few days to demonstrate their sobriety.

You may even be evicted from the housing facility if you do not abide by these basic rules.

On-site managers and caretakers will be available 24/7. Besides ensuring you follow the rules, they are there to assist with your recovery and to help with any other matters that may arise.

Is it a good idea to move into a sober living home after rehab?


Sober living homes are incredibly important in the recovery process for a number of reasons.

It is easier to adjust to a “normal” life. As you get back to college, work, and restore sabotaged relationships while continuing your recovery, you have somewhere you can feel safe.

You can have your own sober and support peer network there. Your fellow residents will be facing the same issues as you, they have the same goals as you (remaining sober and avoiding relapse). You can relate to them on various levels. These people can be a great support system. You won’t feel isolated or judged.

This gives you a coincidental to practice and gains back your life skills. In rehab, you must have learned nutrition planning and exercise routines that you can continue to follow here. You can maintain personal hygiene and work on other important skills.

Sober living homes are safe spaces where you can relearn to be independent. There is no restriction on leaving the house for college, work, gym, or shopping. (provided you follow curfew time). Having the independence to choose life’s simple pleasures such as meals and activities, making decisions, managing finance, etc can make you feel good.

You will be supported throughout your recovery. There will be regular support group meetings, and other similar activities to assist your ongoing recovery.

Therefore, moving into sober living homes after rehab can ease the transition back to everyday life while maintaining sobriety and preventing relapse.

No alcohol or drugs are acceptable in the house. Recovery addicts can transition back to a normal lifestyle in a sober living home, which provides them with a secure and safe environment.

Many people choose sober living homes after the rehab program because it eliminates triggers and distraction decreases the probabilities of relapse to a great extent. They can focus on their recovery without being distracted by the outside world since they are removed from those triggers that caused their addiction.


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