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6 Ways to Encourage Your Boyfriend to Go Hiking With You

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Sometimes, it is essential to take a break from work or daily routine and change your environment. Hiking will help you escape reality and experience fresh woodland air and scenic landscapes. You can enhance the experience and adventure of hiking by tagging along with your boyfriend. However, if your partner is an indoor person and chooses watching TV and reading books over going for a nature walk, then you will have to persuade him to get into the woods with you. Let’s look at tricks to help you get your boyfriend out on trails.

1. Appropriate Hiking Attire

One important tip is to find a proper hiking outfit for your boyfriend. Wearing regular and uncomfortable clothes will make him look miserable and out of place. Wearing comfy hiking clothes will make him feel good and present, encouraging him to walk a longer distance and ultimately enjoy the hike. Appropriate hiking attires can motivate him to keep accompanying you to your hiking adventures, and who knows, he might become a hiking enthusiast like you!

2. Check the Weather

To ensure your partner enjoys the hiking, you need to be aware of your surroundings and the weather. Favorable weather will help to enhance your moods. Seasonal weather is a significant consideration when picking a trail suitable for a partner’s fitness level and experience. Checking the weather will help you decide the hike’s destination, the track to follow, activities, and, more importantly, the hiking outfits to wear. For instance, you will need waterproof outfit such as waterproof jackets, waterproof trousers, and hiking boots during the rainy season. In summer, breathable wicking materials are necessary for bottoms, shirts, and hiking socks to keep off the sweat of your skin.

3. Choose a Hike That Is Suitable For Him

You are already pushing your boyfriend out of his comfort zone by tagging him along, so you should select a suitable hike for him. Consider his fitness level to avoid pushing him too far. You can also choose a trail with historical landmarks, waterfalls, and spectacular views to keep him interested and looking forward to the next adventurous hike. Unsuitable hikes can wear him out and make him dread the experience for a lifetime. For instance, if it is winter, the trails will be cold or snowy, and unless your boyfriend enjoys this type of weather and has outfits for low temperatures, wait for more favorable conditions.

4. Pack Plenty of Snacks and Water

Nourishment is the key to having a remarkable hiking experience. What could be more romantic than a hiking date turning into a private picnic? Motivate your partner by preparing on the trails and bringing along his favorite and healthy snacks to eat along the way. If your hiking ends up with activities such as camping, it is necessary to bring camping outfit such as waterproof trousers and jackets. Also, politely ask your boyfriend to help with the luggage, so it does not feel like a chore.

5. Avoid Pressuring Your Boyfriend With High Expectations

Ensure that your boyfriend understands that there is no pressure from your end and choose an appropriate hike that you can enjoy together. Avoid making fun of his [hiking] pace or style but encourage him to keep going and take breaks when necessary. Remind your partner that the hike is also for you to spend quality time and enjoy nature.

6. Discuss the Great Feeling of Accomplishment After Hiking

To encourage your boyfriend, discuss how fulfilling it will feel when he completes his first hike. Take note of his small [hiking] accomplishments and cheer him on when he does something he thought was beyond his capability. Sharing your passion for hiking with your boyfriend will help him relate to you and your love of the outdoors.


If you want to escape reality and get into the woods with your boyfriend, encourage him to join you by asking him politely. Sharing your love for hiking with him is the perfect opportunity to get him interested more in the outdoors. Before long, he might grow to love the trails as you do, and hiking might become an activity you both enjoy. Therefore, support and encourage your boyfriend by getting him [hiking] outfits from online outdoor clothing for his first hiking experience.

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