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Massages Tricks to Take Care of Dark Circles

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The skin around the eyes is one of the most sensitive, so it is the first area of the face that shows the passage of time, fatigue, and unhealthy habits. And not only with strong lines of expression. Also with “unsightly dark circles, one of the most discouraging consequences (and more difficult to face without resorting to aesthetic medicine) of the lack of care and pockets that narrow the gaze and make it seem fatigued and discouragement.

And although sometimes dark circles come from birth because they depend on the thickness of the skin and genetic factors that affect them. The truth is that there are a series of factors that can also trigger or increase them, including “hormonal changes, alcohol consumption “José Manuel Fernández, medical director of the Medical and Aesthetics Center of Barcelona, has an unbalanced diet low in vitamins and antioxidants and lack of sleep, exercise and hydration.

Along with this, we must also consider external factors that damage the fair and delicate skin that surrounds the eye. For example, pollution, exposure to the sun, and, in recent years, blue light from mobile and computer screens, all of this leads to increased pigmentation in the area and visual fatigue.

To take care of the area and eliminate both wrinkles and dark circles, therefore, not only cosmetic treatments are required, but also proper nutrition, some exercises (even in the area through massages), and some additional and professional tricks for us. So you can do it at home.

A Decongestant Massage

“Use your thumbs to press the starting point of your brows gently. Then press firmly until you reach the end to relax the muscles, relieve tension, and open the eyelid. Repeat a few times.

Use your thumb and forefinger to make a C. Support the C on the eye bone by lifting the eyelid slightly and using the opposite hand’s forefinger and under the eye to create inside-out movements to drain and seal the unlocked area. How to apply your contour cream to enhance the active ingredients. ”

Put More Vitamin C In Your Diet


“Vitamin C is an originator to collagen, and it is an immune enhancer and a powerful antioxidant. Make sure you eat foods that contain vitamin C so that the skin produces enough collagen and is firmer, thicker, and more elastic. You will find it.” in citrus fruits, strawberries, melons, or kiwi, and in vegetables like broccoli and red and green peppers.

Don’t Skip Tea Time

But not just anyone. Against dark circles and bags, the best is an infusion of eyebright. It is a “very decongestant plant. It reduces inflammation of the eyelids and bags and also has antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. I recommend preparing an infusion with a teaspoon of dried eyebright herb per cup of water and let it rest for 10 minutes. Soak at room temperature. Put some cotton in the infusion and place them on the closed eyelids until they cool down. This gesture takes a lot of tension out of the eyes and helps drain excess fluids. ”

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Rose Quartz: A Ritual At Home

“Rose quartz is ideal for draining, delaying ageing, and regulating blood flow,” says the expert. And where is it? Well, in an electric roller (95 euros, in Opuntia Organic) that generates 7,000 vibrations per minute and gently travels the area. A lifting effect is achieved that firms the area and visibly improves the skin at the first use. “Reduces expression lines and relieves tension on the face.

For this reason, it is recommended to use it at night to relax the skin and improve the absorption of cosmetics”.


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