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The most beautiful makeup is the sincere perfect smile; that’s why you have to take great care of it. After all those Christmas meals and parties, it’s time to resume a series of healthy habits used to protect our teeth’ health and appearance. Because there is nothing like a smile with healthy, white, and clean teeth, and we can all achieve it if we take a little care of them.

1.Brush Your Teeth at Least 3 Times a Day:

This tip is vital, as brushing can remove plaque and reduce cavities’ risk. It is a habit that we must maintain, and for this, it is important to use a good brush. We need to use a medium hardness brush model that should change every 3 or 4 months. Do not forget that the minimum brushing time should be at least two minutes.

2.Use dental floss:

Your best ally is to remove the bits of food that may leave between your teeth. It is important to use it properly to remove up to 80% of the interproximal plate. Our suggestion? Do the floss before brushing your teeth, as this allows the fluoride in the pastes to penetrate better between the tooth spaces.

3.Finish with a mouthwash:

In addition to the final cleaning, you get fresh breath. Of course, remember that it is better not to contain alcohol or chlorhexidine daily to avoid irritation of the gums and the appearance of stains from continued use.

4.Take care of your diet:

Important! A healthy diet is the foundation of good oral hygiene. Pay close attention to sugars and foods harmful to teeth as the vast majority are responsible for tooth decay. If possible, reduce consumption or look for less harmful alternatives to your teeth.

5.If your smile does not satisfy you:


You can resort to various aesthetic treatments such as dental veneers. They improve the shape and correct the colour of the teeth. In this way, you will get a perfect smile, and you will get used to maintaining their care.

6.If you have misaligned teeth:

Orthodontics is the best solution. Thanks to this, you can fix its shortcomings and ensure better long-term hygiene.

7.Visit your dentist at least twice a year:

It is one of the most important points. You can solve all kinds of problems and remember that the best treatment is prevention. So you should visit a professional dentist in Round Lake Beach, where you will find some of the greatest, most experienced, and well-trained dentists in the area to assist you with any dental issues you may have.

How often should we go to the dentist?


Our teeth must be brushed three times a day to ensure good dental health. However, we may suffer all kinds of pathologies if we do not regularly go to the dentist, where, also, we will perform a thorough oral cleaning, a dental exam that will help us avoid possible future complications, the solution that, in addition to the higher cost, it’s more complicated, it could be.

However, the data shows that many people only go to the dentist when something hurts and have a reasonably advanced problem. 60% of them only visit the dentist once a year. As a result, only 5% of adults can enjoy completely healthy gums, 56% suffer from gingivitis, and periodontitis occurs in 38% of cases.

Which periodicity is the most appropriate

It is the dentist who in any case must indicate the frequency of dental visits and examinations, although we indicate different areas in which to indicate a reasonable approximate frequency:

Children – Due to cavities’ appearance, a dentist’s visit is recommended every 6 months.

Adults – The dentist can recommend a frequency of between 4, 6, and 12 months depending on the case, eating habits, etc. Besides, excellent oral cleaning is recommended every year.

Each dental exam does a general exam of the mouth, including teeth and gums, looking for possible cavities and fissures in some teeth. It also examines the tongue, plaque, and tartar built up between the teeth.

Depending on the dentist’s conclusion in the last visit, he will indicate the reasonable frequency to maintain or solve the problems he may have encountered.


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