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5 Common Misconceptions About Alcoholism To Ignore

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Many people’s biggest drive for alcoholism development is the misconceptions and myths about alcohol. These misconceptions are why alcohol is the most abused and used substance among the average individual. Among the misconceptions about alcoholism to ignore include

1. I Am Okay Because I Can Handle Alcohol

Most frequent users of alcohol strongly believe that they are okay due to their efforts in handling the liquor. In addition, the ability to take a few lumps of alcohol without developing its effects is considered a good way of handling alcohol.

However, the lack of experiencing alcohol effects after a few drinks signals that the individual already has developed alcohol-related problems. Therefore, for proper alcohol recovery, individuals should avoid this misconception and seek professional help.

2. Alcohol Isn’t As Harmful Compared to Other Drugs

Alcohol abuse, especially in excess amounts, increases the chances of an individual suffering from alcoholism. If this misconception is not ignored or fully addressed, chronic drinking increases the risks of health and relationship damage to an individual.

However, for alcohol recovery to be successful, organizations need to make more awareness of the dangers of abusing alcohol and the results of an individual who is a chronic drinker.

3. Taking Adequate Coffee Will Make Me Sober

Coffee contains an amount of caffeine that helps when feeling drowsy but does not accelerate the rate at which the body breaks down alcohol. Also, taking large cups of coffee after heavy drinking doesn’t help an individual in body coordination or improve the ability to make concrete decisions.

Thus, alcohol recovery programs encourage their patients to entirely ignore this misconception and focus on the detoxification process during the recovery journey.

4. Beer is Less Harmful than Hard Liquor

Most believe that taking beer is better than indulging in hard liquor. However, all alcoholic products have a similar effect on an individual’s health. Also, for first-timers, the experience may differ, but continuous drinking will produce the same harm to the overall health as an individual using hard liquor.

Whether abusing beer or hard liquor, the individual will experience sluggard speech and an inability to coordinate and make solid decisions. Therefore to avoid alcoholism and resume the alcohol recovery journey, the individual must ignore and do away with this misconception.

5. Alcoholism Decreases as You Get Older

Most old individuals may become heavy drinkers at an old age to deal with this myth due to loneliness, boredom, and eventually become worse alcoholics. Old-aged groups are more susceptible to diseases such as heart failure, blindness, and paralysis since the body’s metabolism is slower at an old age, thus unable to break down alcohol completely.

Hence individuals should ignore this misconception, and loved ones should recommend alcohol recovery programs to anyone battling alcoholism.


Alcoholism is a condition that can well be dealt with if the community makes more awareness concerning its overall harm and risks it brings to the body. Also, substance abuse organizations should eradicate this misconception, and a positive mindset that promotes proper health and nutrition should be adopted.

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